14 Simple Tips to a Better Social Media Strategy

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Hello to all my friends and my loyal readers (bigcashers) it’s Darrell back at you. It’s a rainy Wednesday morning here in Iowa.

I have received alot of questions and comments from my readers asking me what things should they do to improve their social media strategy.

That’s why this post today “14 Simple Tips to a Better Social Media Strategy”. Let’s Roll

Social media has changed the way businesses market themselves online. It’s an opportunity to turn your fans,followers and subscribers into customers.

Social media offers visibility  like no other medium.

1. Know Your Target Market

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Social media usage varies from one demographic to the next. Take the time to research and understand exactly how and why your target audience is using social media.

Everytime I read  Social Media Examiner I learn some clever social media strategies.

2. Be Human

Humanize your brand. Realize that your brand is everything about you from what you tweet to how you respond to comments on Google+ and Facebook.

Read this helpful post 31 Tips to get Facebook Likes.


3. Share Knowledge

What knowledge can you share with them that will make them smarter? How can your knowledge  drive real efficiency in their life or business?

Share your best material, not just the same old material you wrote years ago that’s outdated.

Read this clever post 7 Clever Ways to increase your Twitter followers.


4. Connect Emotionally

Make them feel. If you want to grab my attention on Twitter make me laugh.

Make me cry. Make me feel something–anything. I respond  to the people who grab my attention. The people who make me laugh,playing the emotional card.

Read this post that went viral  6 Fears Businesses have About Social Media.

5. Make it Easy

People want to connect . They don’t want to be spammed at every opportunity. Give them an opportunity to engage with you, your brand and your team.

Be available. Open up your comment stream on your blog. Listen and be relevant and responsive.

If you are interested in You tube video marketing I would suggest you head over to basicblogtips.com I hear it’s the best.

Read Social Media :  Dominating Strategies for Social Media by Michael Richards for more great ideas  also Social Media Marketing for Dummies by Jan Zimmerman

6.Focus on Relationships

The life of social media is people. People like me and you. People who laugh and cry,play hard and work hard.  Offer value to the people in your community with a goal of building real relationships.

7. Create a Cross-Platform Strategy

The most successful companies who leverage social media are expanding their influence to several platforms.

They not only use Facebook and Twitter but they enrich their brand with Google+, Instagram and Linked In.

8.Mix Things Up

The best social media strategies mix up tactics when it comes to posting whether the content is a link, image or text.

Try mixing things up, with infographics,quotes from your latest post or answers to questions.

The objective guys is to generate content that people will interact with by clicking on it,commenting or sharing it with their friends.


9.Keep Your Branding consistent

When setting up accounts on different social media networks make sure your logo,color scheme and graphics are consistent.

10. Offer Value and Knowledge

The most important thing you can do to create a positive engagement is to listen carefully. Listen with the goal to understand. Bottom line listen more than you talk.

You’ll be amazed how much you can learn about your audience when you hush up and listen.

11.Follow the 70-30 rule

The 70-30 rule follows this strategy seventy percent engaging content and 30 percent promotional

The 70 percent should be fun,interesting and useful. Let your audience get involved in the conversation, rather than feeling as if they are being “sold” every time you post.

This keeps your audience interactive and engaged, so that way when you do promote they are far more likely to value whatever information comes their way.

12. Check your Analytics

Research should be the backbone of your social media strategy. Google Analytics offers a rich database of statistics and analytics that should guide your posting and strategy decisions.

Use this information to learn as much as possible about which content is making the biggest impact with your community.


13.Keep up with Industry Trends

Maintaining a finger on the pulse of trending topics and knowing what’s happening and relevant to your target market should always be important.


14. Assess. Learn. Improve. Repeat

Take the information you get from analytics learn from it and adjust your strategy. Your strategy must be adaptable and flexible.

Quote of the Day:

People will forget what you said,people will forget what you did,but people will never forget how you made them feel.

Maya Angelou

My favorite Angelou quote of all time. Not written for social media strategy but it certainly applies.

That’s it for today everybody let me know your best social media strategies  in the comment section.

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16 thoughts on “14 Simple Tips to a Better Social Media Strategy

  1. Hello and thanks for stopping by here and supporting us and leaving some valuable feedback. I’m glad those 14 tips really helped your socialmedia strategy. Yes if you aren’t careful time can be wasted on social media. Again thanks for your input and have a super day.


  2. Hello,
    I’m really glad I found your article here about better social media strategy. I’ve been trying to get my head around it for ages and only feel like I’m screwing up.

    With the 14 tips you list here, I think I can do social media right or at least better. Sometimes I feel like social media just swallows my day. It’s so time-consuming. How do you avoid wasting time on social media?

  3. Hello Elvis thanks for stopping by and for your feedback. I agree with you totally connecting emotionally is very important on social media you definitely want to get a connection, while still being professional. Again thanks for sharing and have a super day.

  4. Being human and connecting emotionally. These two are so important and powerful. Long gone are the days of delivering such a cut and dry feel.

    Being professional is nice and all, but a brand should know how to strike a nice balance.

    Thanks Darrell

  5. Hello Amar thanks for stopping by and leaving such valuable input. And I’m definitely in total agreement with you so thanks for bringing value to my audience and I’m really glad you got value from this post. Again thanks and have a great day.


  6. Hey Darrell,

    Social media is one of the most powerful tools in our marketing arsenal. If we use it correctly, we can create a strong personal connection with our prospective customers. However, marketers often make the mistake of diving into social media without a clear plan. At best, this is a waste of time and at worst, it can lead to a PR disaster. To benefit from social media, we need to build a clear strategy that takes into account what we’re trying to achieve, who our customers are and what our competition is doing. The final piece of a social media marketing plan involves having a system which we can follow to help us to stay on top of updates and engaged with our community.

    Our need to develop a strong content plan that will deliver engaging material. The content needs to align with our overall messaging and be appropriate for the channels we’re using. This is more than just need to product information and think about how we can deliver real value to our audience. Eventually, thanks for sharing much interesting thought with us.

    With best wishes,

    Amar kumar

  7. Hello Mitch thanks for stopping by and leaving your valuable input it’s very appreciated. And anybody like you Mitch this post isn’t written for you just keep doing what you doing,that’s the beauty of blogging. Thanks for sharing your valuble and genuine views and have a great weekend.


  8. Hello Gomer thanks for stopping by and leaving positive feedback that’s appreciateted. And I’m glad you found value from my post and I hope nothing but success to you. Have a super weekend.


  9. I like your closing! Assess, learn, improve, and repeat. Sadly, a lot of online marketers don’t do these, never learning from what they’re getting. Sometimes, me too! LOL

    You know what? People need to be reminded from time to time, of principles that work. I’ve been marketing online for quite some time now, but I sometimes forget these social media principles.

    Thanks again, and more power to you!

    (Keep on blogging)

  10. First, I’m going to pick on you because this is something you need to do. The first thing about having a social media strategy is making sure you put your handles in those share buttons that allow them to be. I went to RT this, only to see that your Twitter handle isn’t already there. I had to go search so I could give you credit & you’d see me giving you credit; shame! BTW, that touches upon $5 in a way… 🙂

    Second, the one I like to think I’m best at is #2; if you ever see me being fake you let me know. The one I’m probably the worst at is #9, mainly because I’m kind of an eclectic kind of guy who “focuses” on at least 4 different genres. It could be holding down overall success just a bit, but I fancy myself as kind of a da Vinci of today’s world, although nothing close to deGrasse Tyson’s level. Still, it’s something to reach for.

  11. Hello Donna’
    Thanks for stopping by and leaving your valuable input. And I’m glad you agree with my assessment on creating a better social media strategy that’s important to me. I guess rain moves eastward hopefully it won’t hang around long though. Again I really appreciate your perspective and Donna have a super “dry” day.


  12. Hi Darrell,

    Writing to you from a rainy day in Maine lol.

    I love each and every point you made here about creating a better social media strategy. Each one is on point.

    The best is “Make It Easy” because people value their time and don’t want to spend it learning too much. If we know something give it to others easily. I do get a lot of folks thanking me for making things simple so it must work!

    I love that Maya Angelou Quote you put in because it is so true.

    Keep dry,


  13. Hello Gary thanks for stopping by again and leaving some feedback with us. I’m glad this article pointed you in the right direction about social media. Yes social media can take up time but with all the potential customers it can be a goldmine also. Again thanks so much for visiting and supporting us.


  14. I’m so glad I found your article about better social media strategy. I’ve been trying to get my head around it for ages and only feel like I’m screwing up.

    With the 14 tips you list here, I think I can do social media right or at least better. Sometimes I feel like social media just swallows my day. It’s so time-consuming. How do you avoid wasting time on social media?

  15. Hello Andrew thanks for stopping by and leaving your valuable feedback.Thanks I’m glad you found value in my article and I hope it helps in your social media strategy. Again thanks for supporting us here and have a super day.


  16. I just finished reading your article and must say, it was very informative and well written. You have given me some good tips here for creating a social presence.

    I have been building up my social media profile for quite some time now. But as you have pointed out here there are always areas to concentrate on to get a better response. You are right in what you say about playing on peoples emotions. Plain text and links to your websites certainly won’t get you far these days!

    Thanks for the advice, I will certainly bare this in mind for the future.

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