10 Incredible Tips to a Better Social Media

Social media has definitely changed the way businesses market themselves online. The rules of the game have changed. It’s a big opportunity to turn your fans,followers subscribers into customers.

Let me help elevate your online presence with wallet-grabbing content.

Social media offers visibility like no other if you don’t believe me ask  Coach Donna Merrill.


In internet marketing for years now e-books have been used as the main tool to get people to subscribe to your  email.


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I created “10 Incredible Tips to a Better Social Media Strategy” infographic below. Feel free to share it and you may even publish it on your site.


Read this post that went viral  .13 Clever Ways to Acquire Social Proof.



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6 thoughts on “10 Incredible Tips to a Better Social Media

  1. Hello Celeste thanks for stopping by and leaving your valuable feedback and I’m glad you thought this post added value to you. I’m definitely going to have to check out Pinterest, again thanks for supporting me here and have a super weekend .


  2. Thanks for the great tips. As a blogger I sometimes get so focused on creating content that I forget my social media channels. I liked your tip on being human, It’s what makes your brand and makes people come back for more. For the past year I’ve focused on creating relationships with followers Pinterest and it’s working really well so I would highly recommend it. great informative article.

  3. Hello Amar thanks for visiting and leaving your valuable feedback here. And I agree with you 100 percent that social media is an important source of traffic. Again thanks for your input and support,I’m glad you liked the infographic


  4. Hey Darrell,

    Now-a-days, Creating and launching an appealing and informative blog is not enough. For better results, we need to get serious about its promotion. Marketing has always been a great way to drive the targeted audience towards our brand or product.

    Social media is an important source of traffic for any website. That’s why even the most popular websites focus on making sharing easier for their users. Eventually, thanks for sharing your worthy ideology with the help of pretty Infographics and this tactics really sounds beneficial for us.

    With best regards,

    Amar kumar

  5. Hello Craig thanks for stopping by and leaving your valuable feedback that’s always on point.And yes I always try to keep it real and treat people how I expect to be treated . Again thanks man for always leaving real world valuble comments here and have a great Thanksgiving weekend.


  6. Hi Darrell,

    I like the social media tip of mixing things up a bit. As a blogger, if I continue to post the same old links to my latest blog people get bored.

    I like to change it around a bit. I think this is good advice.

    Also, regarding the “make it easy” it is bang on, people don’t want to be spammed. I always try to put my self in my reader’s place don’t you?

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