How to Increase Your Audience this Holiday Season

increase audience holiday season

Hello everybody and a special shout out to my loyal readers ( big cashers). I hope everybody had a super Thanksgiving weekend .

I had a great time with my family and I ate like a horse. The holiday season is a huge opportunity to improve your blog and increase your audience.

Today’s post should help titled, “How to Increase Your Audience this Holiday Season.”

Many bloggers will decrease their workload and slow down the frequency of post during the holidays.

This happens even though potential visitors are plentiful and ready to  spend holiday hours with their eyeballs on your content.

What type of blogger will you be this holiday season? One that works on improving his or her blog or the one that forgets all about it , neglects it and focuses on  food and drinks ?

This is your opportunity to stand out and use this period to create some “end of year” blog post that can help you grow your traffic and get your work introduced to a new audience.

There are a lot of options to end the year with a strong finish and attract lots of new visitors and new loyal readers.

  • Year end articles are usually top list post with great headlines that people cannot resist.
  • They are simple reader friendly post that are usually shareable in social media.
  • These post can look back at the year presenting lessons learned, recapping the year and reviewing the most important goals of the year.
  • These post can also look forward to the next year and feature your predictions and hopes.

This post features some examples and ideas of post you can publish on your blog during this holiday season.

Guys aim to publish at least one of these post during the month of December and see your traffic increase.

Now you just have to stop reading and  start producing some content.


“Lessons learned from the year.”

Your readers want to know what lessons you have learned so they can learn and improve as well.

Publishing a “lessons learned” article is a great way to summarize your tips and advice that you have  gained over the past year.

A post of best lessons learned during the year is a very useful and shareable type of post. These post help people get to know you better. Here are some ideas:

  • Is there a specific niche topic you could focus on when creating this type of post?
  • Life lessons learned ?
  • Blogging lessons learned?
  • Here’s a recent example from me and my lessons learned in the year. 6 Things I wish I Knew Before I Started Blogging.

Guys write anything that you believe interest your audience and that they would find useful and inspiring.

Remember there’s only one  Ms. Ileanne and one Problogger and one YOU. Write from your heart and be yourself.

Read this useful  post  The Wealthy Affiliate Start-Up Course    I recommend this course  100%.


” Top list of the Year”

Write a list of resources or people who helped or inspired you during the year. This is great opportunity to share the work of people who inspired you and introduce yourself to them that way.

  • List sites that you read most during the year.
  • The best articles that you’ve read this year.
  • List the most influential Twitter users in your field.
  • Or best books you’ve read during the year.

Always think about what would  your audience find useful and interesting. We write for our audience at the end of the day.

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” A Year in Review”

Write a simple “review of the year” post. Be as creative and as personal as you want to be. Here are some ideas.

  • What happened in your industry during the year?
  • What happened in your own life?
  • What happened with your own blog?
  • What do you want to change for next year?

You can present this all in a month by month summary. That would make it easier for your visitors to read and understand.

“Best articles of the Year list”

  • Write a list of top 10 most visited post  on your site during the past year.
  • Your favorite post of the year.
  • A top list of most  commented post.
  • Or all these together in one huge post

You get the idea. Get a vibe for what would work best for your audience. This type of post gives you a great opportunity to put some old post  back into the reader spotlight.

“New Year’s post

Now this is a very personal type of post that helps you connect with your visitors. A personal connection always helps get the post to be spread virally. Here are some ideas:

  • What are you hoping for in the new year?
  • What projects are you working on?
  • What goals did you set for yourself?
  • What are you trying to do next year?


Year end special sale and other offers

If you’re  selling your own product you can use the year end to boost your sales. It could give you nice boost and a super Christmas gift to end the year with

Let me help you elevate your online presence.  Get Started Today ….. Half -OFF for the rest of the year.

  • Offer a special year- end discount.
  • Urge your visitors not only to buy the product for themselves but also to give the product as a gift to their family and friends.

The holidays are about friends and family. I hope you enjoyed  “How to Increase Your Audience this Holiday Season.” Leave comments below

Please shop with us this holiday season  and  share this post with your social  media outlets.

Thanks  alot and Happy Holidays  .

8 thoughts on “How to Increase Your Audience this Holiday Season

  1. Hello Ms.Illeane and welcome to the cash blog. It’s not only a pleasure it’s really an honor. Thanks for dropping by you made my day and let’s knock it out the park this holiday season.


  2. Hello Craig thanks for stopping by and leaving feedback it’s appreciated. You are welcome here and feel free to look at guides and how-tos we have. Yes I think that’s a great idea to write your favorite post with an internal link. Again thanks for your comment and have a great day.


  3. Hi Darrell,

    I am quite new to blogging so I am quite pleased I found this blog. What a great idea to do a blog for the end of the year and maybe another new one for the start of 2017 (looking ahead).

    I am now even thinking I could write about my favorite posts and add an internal link to them – win win!

  4. Hello Sue thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving your valuable input. I’m glad you found some value from this post and please keep coming by and supporting me. Again thanks ,ccome back check the whole site out,and have a great day.


  5. Thank you for writing this post, I found some very helpful information. I am new at this so it will be my first year end as a blogger and I have to admit that I never would have come up with the ideas you have here. Although I haven’t explored your entire site yet, it seems to contain a lot of information that will help me improve my efforts.

  6. Hello Cerulean thanks for stopping by here and leaving feedback ,hope it helps you in the future. Keep checking by here for tips we will definitely point you in the right direction. Take care and much success.


  7. I’ve yet to reach a year of writing my blog but these tips rock!

    I’ll certainly apply them down the road- as a fellow blogger I’m sure you understand how difficult it is to come up with content sometimes… writers block is a very, very real issue.

    So thanks for the inspiration and rock on!

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