How to Get Free Products from Amazon ( no joke )

amazon-447034_1280Hello to all my fans, friends fellow bloggers and a special shout out to my loyal readers (big cashers)  it’s Darrell back at you on a frigid 17 degree morning in Iowa for a short share with you.

Everybody loves FREE stuff. Just last month on Veteran’s Day I saw alot of my fellow veterans waiting in a line 3 blocks long for the $8 steak meal that Texas Roadhouse steakhouse gives away free to   veterans on that day.

And when it’s FREE it taste better. But the 2 hour wait no thanks.

If you like free stuff  tune in. That’s the reason for this post titled “How to Get Free Products from Amazon”.( no joke )

If you ever wondered who these people are leaving reviews on products you want to buy saying they were sent the item for free, well that could be you and this post is going to show you how.

Amazon has recently made it extremely easy for anyone to sell products thet are warehoused and shipped through Amazon,but in order for those products to sell well they need to have a lot of reviews

This is the course I took to jump start  my  online career.

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That’s pretty much it. Hundreds of new products are being offered on Amazon everyday and almost all of them can be given to you for free.

The Tough Way

There are two ways to get things for Free the first is by being part of Amazon’s invite only “Vine Voice ” community.

Which is kind of tough to be honest as you need to build up a ton of helpful and detailed reviews and get invited. BUT the easy way I’m going to show you anyone can do.

The Easy Way

I know a lot of bloggers making big cash on Amazon and they all use a service called Tomoson to find people……yup just normal people like you and me to send their items for free.

They usually either give you a 100% off coupon for their product or they have you buy it on Amazon normally and they reimburse you for it. I have personally got supplements and camping gear.

All a Amazon seller needs for their product to rank high is a bunch of quality reviews, that’s why  they want reviews so bad.

Leave a quality review and she-bang get whatever you want for free.

Ready to sign up?

1.Make a profile at

2.Connect your Facebook and Twitter accounts


There are now a ton of Amazon review sites popping up. I haven’t used them all but all of them have the same concept. People are selling products on Amazon and want reviews in exchange for free or discounted products.

Let me know when you get your first free package.

I hope you enjoyed this little secret insight. Just a short Friday share. Leave me comments and  everybody Do me a favor and Share this post. Keep in touch.

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4 thoughts on “How to Get Free Products from Amazon ( no joke )

  1. Hello Geoff thanks for stopping by and leaving valuable feedback here on my site. I’m glad you were able to get value from my post and it was useful to you. Thanks for supporting us here and keep coming by.


  2. Hello Darrell. Hey thanks for the heads up about Tomoson. I write articles for website owners many of which are Amazon product reviews and I’d never heard of Tomoson until I read your post. I’m going to check it out for sure.

    I actually met one of my clients face to face who gave me a couple of KastKing spinning reels for fishing. It worked out well as he had me later write reviews about the free reels.

    My client actually got the reels by contacting KastKing directly and letting them know about his website. They gladly sent him the reels and other swag too. Have you ever tried this method?

    Thanks for the informative article and I’m giving Tomoson a looksee. Geoff.

  3. Hello Steen thanks for stopping by and visiting. I don’t know if you wrote the write comment for the right post. But all this post is informing you is “How to get free Products my friend. If you are interested in becoming an Amazon affiliate I have a couple of post in my archives for you. Thanks for stopping by.


  4. Hello Darrell!
    It is not often that I even buy something from Amazon. But the times I’ve done it, I have been very pleased with their service.
    I’m not quite with what you are proposing here. But are you saying here that I can build a website and then himself to promote products from Amazon?
    How can I do that when I do not know much about how I can do it yourself.
    Do I need a professional to create a page for me or how does it work?
    Hope you can help me here

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