How to Get Started with Pinterest for Blogging !


Hello everybody especially my loyal readers (big cashers) it’s Darrell back at you on a cold chilly 21 degree Tuesday morning.  All of my regular readers know  my top go-to social media outlets are Facebook, Twitter and Google +.

I read a post on Shoutmeloud about the size of  traffic on Pinterest. I have learned the power of Pinterest so I have been using them much more and I AM going to show all my readers how to do the same. Today’s post is titled ” How to get started with Pinterest for Blogging.”

What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is a platform that allows users to share and save content to pinboards (also referred simply as boards) The social network has both a website and a mobile app and was launched in 2010 by co-founders Ben Silbermann ,Evan Sharp and Paul Sciarra.

Initially the website was available in a closed beta model, and users could join only by invitation until August 2012 when Pinterest opened to the public.

The platform has a unique demographic in that the majority of its more than 100 million active users are female  .( according to  Venture beat)

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How does Pinterest work?

To use Pinterest you first have to sign up for an account for business it’s really important that you make sure you specifically sign up for a business account.

It’s important to make this distinction  because business accounts while free like personal Pinterest accounts give you access to features to help your business thrive on the platform like analytics and other tools.

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Why Should You Use Pinterest for Blogging?

Pinterest has more than 100 million active users that make it one of the best social media platforms.

Of course it is still behind Twitter and Instagram’s 300 million and Facebook’s 1.5 billion. It’s a great social media platform for marketers and bloggers.


This is the course I took to jump start  my  online career.

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Get Your Pinterest Terminology Down


Pinterest boards are buckets of categorized content. Each one contains content with similar interest For example one board might be “Facebook Marketing” while another captures content surrounding “Pinterest Tips for Newbies”

2.Secret Boards

Secret boards are the same as above except they’re secret. No one but you or anyone you’ve invited to pin with you is able to see your pins until you make the board public.

3. Group Boards

Group boards work the same as normal boards but have multiple winners sharing content within the board.


A pin is an image that you add to a board that links to an external webpage (an article,product page,blog post).

5. Repin

When you repin someone’s content you’re sharing it with all of your followers. It’s similar to a Facebook share or Twitter retweet. Its a way to say “Hey I really like this and I’m choosing to share it with my community.”

6. Comment and Likes

Comment and likes on Pinterest are no different than they are on Facebook. Find a pin you really like? Leave a comment or click “like”.

7. Pin it Button

The Pin it Button is a widget or plugin that can be added to your website. When someone visit your site and wants to pin your article they simply click on the button and share it to their account.

Step 2          Set up Pinterest BOARDS

Now it’s time to set up your initial Pinterest Boards. ( I suggest with 8) Naming your boards will be based on your keywords or phrases. Again think optimization Boards are searchable  so don’t miss an opportunity to get found through Pinterest Guided search.


  Getting Started — Pinterest Basics

Your first step is to create a business account

If you currently use a personal profile for your business you’re missing out on a bunch of awesome features the most important of which are;

  • analytics
  • promoted post

you won’t gain access to any of these features until you convert your personal account to a business account.

1.Login to your current or create a new account.

2.Go to Pinterest for Business and choose “Join as business”

3.Complete details about your business.

4. Read and accept if you agree to Pinterest Business Terms of Service and click “Create account.

Complete Your Profile on Your Biz Account

  • Upload your most recent logo
  • Choose your username this is your chance to brand your URL the way you’d like to see it.
  • Add your bio including keywords that are optimized for search
  • Add details that will connect people to you
  • Add your website. Remember Pinterest is a visual network–so think visual.

Verify Your Website

Without verification you won’t have access to Pinterest analytics.

Guys that’s going to be it for today. Make sure you join Pinterest  and take advantage of their traffic. With over 100 million people on this platform you can’t afford to ignore them.

They are not just for ladies. We will have an update about Pinterest very soon but I want everybody to get started and learn on the fly.

I want you to leave me comments below and let me know if you are a member of Pinterest and how it’s working out for you. I want  everybody to do me a huge favor and  Share this post.  Become an  Insider here and sign up FOR my updates. Thanks  very kindly ,stay warm and  take care.

10 thoughts on “How to Get Started with Pinterest for Blogging !

  1. Thanks so much Warren I am so happy I was able to help it gives me a great feeling of joy. Thanks and have an awesome day.   Darrell

  2. Great article on Pintrest, but also for all of social media. Of all the reviews I’ve read on the social sites, this is the only one I have put with my favorites for future reference. Bring an older guy, I have shied away from using these sites, but now, as you have opened my eyes to the possibilities, it’s time to dive in. Thanks for the great info.

  3. Hello Britni if you want to share this post to your social media outlets that would be super and appreciated and also let them all know that yes you can have both a personal and business account on Pinterest thanks very kindly and keep me posted on your progress.


  4. Hello how are you thanks for stopping by and leaving some feedback on my site. I am glad you found value in this post and yes get you a business account it gives you more bang for the buck. Again thanks for supporting us here.


  5. Omgosh this is awesome. I had no Idea I could use pintrest for my business and my web page. This is another great way to build traffic. I have my own hair salon and trying to find ways to sell my product outside of the salon without having to rely on just my clients to purchase from me. I will defiantly take advantage of this. Thank you so much. Also thank you for the easy step by step!

  6. Hello Jeremy thanks for your feedback here.I would keep the personal account and just add a new business account because of the analytics for them. Agin thanks for your input and keep supporting us here.


  7. Hey Darrell, I have been using Pinterest for my websites for about six months not but never knew Pinterest offered business accounts.

    Do you know if I would be able to merge my personal account into a business one?

    If not do you think it would be worth my time to create business profiles from scratch or just continue posting to my personal account? Thanks!

  8. Hello Amar thanks for stopping by and leaving some feedback. I agree with you 100% Pinterest shouldn’t be under-estimated at all because it really is such a visual site. Thanks for sharing your opinions and keep coming back my friend.


  9. Hey Darrell,

    The emerging star of the visual Web is Pinterest, the photo-sharing and picture-pinning site that appeals to anyone who appreciates art and design, drawings and cartoons, or photos of fashions, interior design, travel, pets or the perfect car.

    For businesses still looking to make a splash in social media, Pinterest may be the solution which we’ve been seeking. While we are creating our branded images, we really keep in mind how we can make our images captivating to the reader. Using a text overlay on our image is a great way to attract readers. The text on our image should be clear and easy to read to engage our audience.

    We live in a visual age and if someone can’t quickly determine what our post is about they won’t bother to read the description or click through to view more information. Eventually, thanks for sharing your worthy information with us.

    With best wishes,

    Amar kumar

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