ADZbuzz Ublock adblocker Review Is it the Solution?

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It’s all over the web, ADZbuzz Ltd. announced the launch of their Ublock adblocker this week and my readers (over 45 of them) want to know who are they  and what’s in it for them.

That’s the reason for this post today titled “ADZbuzz Ublock adblocker Review Is it the Solution? ”

Advertising is very consistent across  the  different channels.  For example you expect the  basketball game you’re watching to be interrupted by brief commercial breaks.

Online advertising is a totally different beast more often than not you get sites that stick ads into every nook and cranny and make use of every little space.

The most basic form of adblocking  just simply ignoring ads just doesn’t cut it  anymore.

On one hand ad blocking is very beneficial to users because it improves their overall experience.

On the other hand to alot of bloggers and websites advertising brings in the money that goes toward operating cost. Without ads we wouldn’t be able to read content for free.

Users don’t want to see annoying ads. Web publishers are losing money because of those adblockers. Companies are spending large amounts on advertisement which does not work efficiently as they want.

This new ADZbuzz Ublock adblocker sounds like the solution where all three parties win.

Let’s dig in and check it out:

Name:   ADZbuzz Ublock adblocker


Owner:     ADZbuzz Ltd.

Price:    Free



Who is ADZbuzz Ltd.

ADZbuzz Ltd. is made up of a team of developers who have been working together for over a year.

They have finally completed their concept as a part of their bigger aim to solve a billion dollar problem for publishers. ADZ buzz is also the creator and owner of ADZcoin cryptocurrency.


What will You Get with ADZbuzz Ublock?

1.No more tracking cookies

2.No more malicious ads

3.Faster web surfing

4.No more exceeding data limits.

5.Buying selling and advertising in one place.


ALL  the Facts about ADZbuzz  Ublock adblocker 

  • Publishers lose billions every year because of adblocking software.
  • The new Ublock functions the same way Google generates its revenue,it centralizes all advertising campaigns into pay per click shopping engine.
  • Users can surf the internet 100% ad free after installing it  and are able to support their favorite publishers all while saving money.
  • The new ADZbuzz adblocker is easy for everyone to use.
  • For publishers they can install the WP plugin on their websites and earn money just like they would with regular ads.
  • For advertisers the new ad blocker will still allow them to stand out among the competition and help build up their reputation while advertising where it makes sense to do so.

My Conclusion:

I’m very excited about  the ADZbuzz Ublock  adblocker it seems like a huge winner.  And it’s a win-win situation for everybody. It’s definitely a great fit for users,publishers and advertisers.

Let’s hope they  have solved this $22 billion dollar problem. The best part of this solution is that this adblocker is 100% free.  Check  it out guys. I highly encourage you to Download Ublock adblocker FREE.

That’s gonna be it for today guys make sure you leave me comments about this post,Do you just ignore those ads ? or you don’t mind them?  Also make sure you share this post with family,friends and your social media outlets thanks guys take care.



8 thoughts on “ADZbuzz Ublock adblocker Review Is it the Solution?

  1. Hello Jens thanks for stopping by a couple of my readers had questions about the Ublock adblocker thanks for clearing things up and have a super day and Merry Christmas.


  2. Hello Smart Prince thanks for dropping by and leaving your input. I am glad we could inform you about the ADZbuzz Ublock adblocker. That’s great you’re excited about it too . Make sure you download it and take advantage of the offer. Again thanks for visiting and your support.

  3. Hey Darell,
    I was complete oblivious to this until I read your review of Addbuzz unblock adblocker.

    It’s actually hard to believe that there’s a solution in existence which is designed keeping in mind the benefits of all the parties.

    Thanks a lot for reviewing this. This article wasn’t just exiting to read but it gave me access to new information and made me aware about something I was complete unaware of.


  4. Hi Darrell I’m Jens
    Thanks for the invitation to your blog to help clear up questions about the ADZbuzz Ublock adblocker,

    I’m part of the ADZbuzz uBlock team and I would like to answer your questions if you have any. As for now I see your question 2esso and the answer is that the WordPress plugin will replace all other ads on a site with just 1 link (a badge basically) which links to a short video (in a popup) explaining the concept so anybody can understand it in less than a minute.

    When you add the “ADZlink” you have 2 main benefits:

    -> Earnings
    This link will track all visitors on your site and pay you the same way regular advertising networks do on a CPM basis. As mentioned in the post, instead of advertisers paying for ads on your site (where very few people really care) they will pay on a centralized shopping search engine (per click, just like in Google for example) and 90% of this revenue gets distributed to publishers.
    You can also earn daily bonus rewards if people download ADZbuzz uBlock and join ADZbuzz through your referral link added beneath the 1-minute info video where the ADZlink redirects to.

    -> More traffic
    And ADZbuzz is the second part of the benefit you don’t get from regular ads. With the ADZlink you’ll be able to publish your new content directly on our content discovery platform ADZbuzz, driving even more traffic to your site! Only if you have the ADZLink installed can you do that and when sharing the content will instantly appear on the ADZbuzz homepage and all members can like, share, comment on it and increase your bottom line. Just as on other social networks basically but more effectively because of the underlying concept. And if (100’s of) millions of people download ADZbuzz uBlock, ADZbuzz will have some serious traffic! 🙂

    Hope that explains and let me know if you have any more questions.

    All the best,

    PS: Our concept is still in beta and in January the shopping portal and ADZlink will already launch so please stay tuned. Here you can follow progress and find more info about all our features:

  5. Hello Amar thanks for stopping by and adding your valuable feedback. Yes Adzbuzz Ublock really sounds like they hit it out the park this time with present-day needed features. Again thanks for your input and have a super day.

  6. Hello Esso thanks for stopping by and leaving your input. A publisher will automatically be paid and users will be happy sounds like a solution to me.Now to get the exact process I’m nota php developer I will refer you to After you converse with them if you still have any questions don’t hesitate to touch base with me. Again thanks and keep visiting and supporting us here.

  7. Hey Darrell,

    Adbuzz ublock absolutely sounds great for its features – it can be very beneficial for everyone involved, be it a user, advertiser or even a publisher. It completely sounds effective to blocks all the ads and replaces the ad-supported web with a centralized advertising platform, where people can go when they’re ready to make some purchases.

    ADZbuzz uBlock is well designed with present-day needs in mind to make sure nobody is affected with ad blocking, be it a user, publisher or advertiser. This unique idea is getting quite popular as it benefits everyone involved. Eventually, thanks for reveling a light on this topic.

    With best wishes,

    Amar kumar

  8. Hey Darrel
    Thanks a lot for this article. Actually it is the first time for me to hear about the ADZbuzz Unblock adblocker, and when I read your article I became very excited about it. I strongly agree with you that this ads issue is a problem for everybody, the internet users, the advertisers and also websites owners, and if this program will really help in solving this problem for each of them it will be really awesome.
    I just want to ask you about how will a publisher benefit with this program.
    I mean if he installed their WP plugin on his site, how does it work and what does it do?
    If you can make this point more clear I would be very thankful
    Thanks a lot again, and looking forward to more valuable articles from you.

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