How to Use Instagram to Boost Your Blog (Business)

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As most of my regular readers know my two go-to social media networks are Twitter and Facebook.

I have got a lot  of questions from my readers asking  why nothing about Instagram. Well today’s your day.

Let’s be clear I do use Instagram but not as much as I should . So today’s share should answer questions about Instagram titled ” How to Use Instagram to Boost Your Blog “ Let’s Roll.

Facebook  bought Instagram for $ 1 billion in 2012 and today it is one of the most important social networks.

There are more than 400 million active users on Instagram. Instagram is the fastest growing social network. According to the   Pew Research Center 53% of 18-29 yr olds use Instagram.

29% of women use Instagram and only 22% of men. A lot of people are having great success with Instagram especially in fashion,tourism,food and the auto industry.

But all companies and blogs can benefit from marketing with Instagram. So I encourage everyone to start testing these strategies which I have used.

Learn basic Instagram strategies before you start sharing content

1. Do a quick search on how other companies in your niche use Instagram

You can search on Google your competitor’s Instagram profiles.

Also check out the Instagram profiles of some big brands just to get a feel of how they do things. /nike   and starbucks

Read this clever post  7 Clever Ways to Increase Your Twitter Followers !


2. Take time to edit the photos or videos you post

You want to share quality content and generate a positive user experience for the users who view your content. ( keep them coming back for more)

Read this helpful post 31 tips to get More Facebook Likes

In internet marketing for years now e-books have been used as the main tool to get people to subscribe to your  email.

Introducing   “E-books with Resell Rights Store”  Your Leadmagnet Solution


3. Try to post a lot of content

Some blogs simply open their Instagram accounts post a few photos and then forget about their account. Try to be active.  It’s recommended to share 1-3 photos everyday.

Read this useful  post  The Wealthy Affiliate Start-Up Course    I recommend this course  100%.

4. Be creative and different

Avoid posting boring images of your logo. Share images from places your clients  don’t have access to.

Read this super post 7 Ways to Increase exposure of Your Content.

5. Set up Your Instagram profile correctly

Peg Fitzpatrick combines resourceful content on a variety of social media platforms with practical advice for marketers.  ( Has taught me a lot. Check her blog out. )

If you want to experience the full range of benefits that Instagram can offer you it’s it’s very important to set up your profile correctly from the start.

6.Become familiar with this social network

To learn the ways Instagram can be used to boost your blog visit the profiles of 10 blogs in your niche.

See what they are doing well and what they could be doing better. Also take some time to look up some of the biggest brands.

Read this  post  it’s helpful  6 Fears Businessess Have About Social Media !

7. Create an account name

When possible this should be your company name. If that’s taken keep it similar to your brand or business name allowing customers to find you quickly and easily.

Rebekah Radice uses plenty of examples to support content that teaches social media marketers about topics that are important to them.She’s one of my favorites.

8.Add a profile picture

The profile pictures should not always be a simple logo. It’s important that that your picture represents your business and also connects with your audience.

9. Write a short bio

Keep your description short and professional also add a touch of personality. Provide a link to your landing page and basic contact information.

10. Optimize your settings

Don’t exclude potential followers by setting your account to private.

Remember to provide links to and from your other social media sites so that customers can get to all your content quickly and easily.

Avoid common Instagram mistakes

11. Not being active

Don’t just create your account and wait assuming that everyone

12.Not responding to comments quickly

You have to monitor your Instagram activity and respond in a timely manner to any questions or comments.

Quote of the day

The person who says it cannot be done should not interrupt the person who is doing it.

–   Chinese Proverb –

13.Posting the same type of boring content all the time.

Be creative You want to surprise your followers every now and then with new and creative content.

Read one of the best post I have written  13 Clever Ways to acquire social proof

14. Not following new people

Constantly follow new influential people in your niche and also your clients so that you can engage with them.

Read this fun and helpful post  Make Money with YouTube Videos !

15.Use the correct hashtag strategy

Hashtags also called tags are a vital part of Instagram. They allow you to describe your photos and relate them back to your business while also helping to direct followers to new content.

16. Determine the best hashtags that relate to your product

If you own a social media management agency you simply type ” social media management” into the search bar at the top. Instagram will then show you all of the top related hashtags.

17. Review your competition

See what others in your niche are using and take a look at how customers are responding to them.

18.Create your own unique tags

This is a great way to build customer involvement with your brand.

19. Use local hashtags

Incorporate your city into your local hashtags to increase the likelihood that tourist and locals are able to associate your business with your location.

20. Check out top hashtags currently trending worldwide.

Find these at

21.Automate your Instagram content with Hootsuite

It can be difficult to find time to do everything, Hootsuite is a powerful automation tool that integrates over eight different social media networks into one place.

22. Don’t use calls to action in all your photos

Build trust and credibility by sharing interesting advice and photos that have nothing to do with your business.

23.It is recommended to use user-generated content?

Typically the user-generated content is more interesting and relevant to your clients.

Here are some top ideas for implementing video content on your Instagram feed.

24.Give your customers a glimpse of what happens behind the scenes.

Clients love to see  personality in the business they follow.

25. Demonstrate how your products are made.

People tend to value a product more when they realize how much work it took to make or produce it.

26. Offer helpful tips

This is an especially great idea for businesses  that provide coaching.

27.Share comments from happy customers

Put together several quick comments from satisfied customers sharing why they choose to patronize your business.

Well that’s going to be it for today everybody . I really encourage you to sign up with Instagram if you haven’t yet and give these strategies  a try.

Instagram with over 400 million active users is too large to ignore.

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11 thoughts on “How to Use Instagram to Boost Your Blog (Business)

  1. Hello Weston thanks for your value;e input its well appreciated. I’m glad the post helped you get some ideas about using Instagram. Thanks and keep coming back.


  2. Great post! Very helpful tips. I know I need to learn to use Instagram and the other social media websites to boost my blog, but I haven’t put in any time or effort to learning the strategies. I do know what to do on Facebook, but the other social media websites are new to me. I just haven’t spent enough time on them to know how to use them well.

    Your post really helped me to get some ideas about how to use my Instagram account correctly.

    Thank you for your help!


  3. Hello Darrell,
    Really superb ! An informative article for Instagram advertising . You’ve clearly described tactics to use and to promote our blog on Instagram easily. Thanks to share this information because Instagram is one of the newest and best social media platform to promote brand. Millions of audience use Instagram on daily basis. I would say you have described in a simply, yet effectively. Awesome job done by you.

    Thanks to share this tutorial on Instagram. Please keep posting this kind of informative blog.

  4. Hello Amar thanks for your valuable feedback. And I’m in agreement with you Instagram has become a super social media platform that can make a significant impact with your blog. Again thanks for adding huge value with your top notch perspective. Have a prosperous day.

  5. Hello Billy thanks for stopping by I think that’s great you use Google+. I use Facebook,Twitter, Google + and Instagram and I would encourage you to at least try all four of these social media platforms because they all have millions of active users who would be helpful to engage with and possibly convert into customers.Don’t limit yourself. Again thanks for visiting and supporting me here. Have a super day.

  6. Hey Darrell,

    Social media platforms become most effective channel for reaching a larger audience and it has high impact on blogging. Now-a-days, Instagram growing day by day due its large users and it become a significant social media platform. If we use it wisely, it will definitely show positive result.

    We should always use our own professional photo or blog’s logo for our Instagram in order to boost performance of blog post. You have shared amazing tips for better performance and I totally agree with you. Eventually, thanks for sharing your experience with us.

    With best wishes,

    Amar kumar

  7. Recently, I only use Google plus to boost my online business because I think that other platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter, have no relationship with google searching engine. Can you tell me rather I am wrong or not? In fact, I think using Facebook and Instagram is much easier than Google+

  8. Hello Kurtis thanks for stopping by and leaving some input here my friend. Hey Kurtis check my archives section I have a post about getting followers for Twitter and Facebook that should point you in the right direction. Let me know if that helps you. Thanks agin for visiting here and your support. Have a great day.


  9. I’m just starting to use Instagram for my blog. Its a new page so all of these tips are going to come in very handy.

    You know those people on instagram that just go out and follow a bunch of people and it feels like a fake account. are they just trying to build followers quickly? hoping some will follow back?

    How do you suggest building a solid following from scratch?

  10. Hello Sharon

    Thanks for stopping by and leaving such valuable feedback. I’m glad you found value from this post and thanks for adding value here on my blog. Have a great day and keep visiting and supporting us here.

  11. Wow you have alot of great tips here on how to use Instagram. I use Instagram very little myself but my daughter is in the makeup industry and does Youtube so I know this will be very helpful post for her. She spends alot of time on Instagram herself.

    You are right about the content and the good quality pictures and being active on Social Media platforms is very key! Your links to various websites like the Instagram Analytics will prove very helpful. Good informative post!

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