17 Proven Strategies to Increase Your Search Engine Ranking

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Good morning to all my friends and my loyal readers (big cashers ). I hope everybody had a great holiday season. It’s a frosty  5 degrees below zero here in Iowa.

I have been getting lots of questions and comments from my readers that switched their websites to https from http.

They got a SSL ( which ensure secure communication to any website that transmits personal information) but alot of them have lost tons of traffic and their search ranking has spiraled downward.

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I don’t have any immediate solutions , hopefully  this post will help titled “17 Proven Strategies to increase Your Search engine ranking.”

You can have all the bells and whistles on your site, panoramic images ,stunning premium theme but it still won’t get you far if you’re   dragging your feet with SEO.

Read “The Beginner’s Guide to SEO”  on moz.com by   superblogger Rand Fishkin lots of  beef chunks AND  food for thought  in that guide.

What is Search Engine Optimization ?

SEO is the process in which the traffic is improved from search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing thru organic search results.

Google alone receives almost 6 billion searches per day. There are several methods to improve your search  engine ranking.

To increase your brand awareness, customer loyalty and website traffic search engine optimization should be a huge part of your strategy.

Quicksprout was one of my top sources for information about ranking my site in 2016.

1. Choose the Right Keywords

It’s very important to understand what words potential customers would use. Do your research carefully and try your best to optimize the right keywords.

The focus keyword is the most important and  can only be used once.

2. Use Title tags and Meta descriptions

Title tags and meta descriptions are essential parts of SEO that shouldn’t be forgotten.

As of May 2016 according to SEOinc  the new Google title tag should  have 70-71 characters and the meta description should be 170-172.

They are optimizing factors that are considered by search engines when they crawl your website. If done correctly will definitely improve your ranking.

3.Internal linking  and Link to quality links

Internal linking is avery important factor of SEO and can also help lower your bounce rate. The pages you want to rank higher in the SERPS should have the most internal links.

Link to quality top rated websites that have authority. It’s also wise to link back to sites that have linked to you.

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4. Proper use of H1, H2, AND H3 header tags to support SEO

The H1 tag should be limited to once per page for the title of the page . Follow with H2, H3 header tags after you are done with H1 for title.

H2 header tags can be used for subtitles with detail information. The H3 or H4 levels can be used for list with bullet pointing. Don’t skip tags because your document will lose structure.

5.Improve the load time of your website.

A fast loading website brings in much more traffic and is a ranking factor. If you have ads on your site like I do making it faster will  generate more ad clicks.

I would recommend gtmetrix to analyze your site’s speed and make it faster.

6.Updated and Original Content

Updated content is a huge indicator of a site’s importance. Fresh content convinces readers to keep coming back and for search engine bots to visit and access your site more.

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7.Keep a consistent publishing plan.

Whether you publish monthly like some bloggers or weekly like we do here at cash nation try to have a consistent plan.

It improves the credibility of a website in the mind of users and search engines.

In internet marketing for years now e-books have been used as the main tool to get people to subscribe to your  email.

Introducing   “E-books with Resell Rights Store”  Your Leadmagnet Solution


A Robots.txt file tells search engines what not to index.

9.Mobile friendly website

With nearly 40% of organic traffic coming from mobile devices in 2016 having your website mobile friendly is a huge advantage with  search engines.

Consider a mobile friendly experience for your readers ,searches using mobile devices  are expected to increase.


A sitemap is a list of all post and pages of your website. It allows for search spiders to locate pages with more relevance to the search in question.

11. Content is STILL # 1

In order for the above tips to work you have to have quality original content. Your goal should be to supply the people and search engines with better researched and fresher content. Content is still King.

12.Include Alt tags

Alternative text descriptions allow for search engines to locate your page using the keywords found in your image.

Increasing the opportunities your site is found which raises it’s page ranking.

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13. Check your external links

  • External links are important for SEO.
  • Make sure you are not linking to spam
  • You have no broken links to pages that no longer exist.

14.Webmaster tools and Analytics

Google and Bing have what is called Webmaster tools. This is the place to register and submit your website to get indexed.

Google Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics are important tools used to measure and get an overview of your website.

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15.Increase your visibility in search engine news results

Touch base with news websites and magazines to write about your business. Submit your blog at Google News  and  Yahoo News.

16.Conduct an audit on your site.

Fix the mistakes and blunders that might be affecting your search engine ranking. Do a manual assessment on your website to evaluate the quality of it’s content and UX (user experience).

17.Update the copyright notice in your websites footer.

Since footers are shown on every page of your website. Search engines might think your entire website is out of date.

Bonus: Become more active on social media

Social media offers visibility like no other. It is definitely one of the best ways to promote your content and website.

Social media is not only a phenomenal source for traffic guys but it’s gaining ground as a ranking factor.

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That’s it for today…..Cash Nation   I hope these  17 proven strategies increase your search engine ranking and your traffic. Take action. I hope you share this post and recommend us to your friends.

Don’t forget to use the comment box below and leave your thoughts. Thanks y’all.



8 thoughts on “17 Proven Strategies to Increase Your Search Engine Ranking

  1. Thanks Jeff for your input and I’m glad you enjoyed the article,keep checking with us here thanks so much.


  2. Great tips on increasing your search engine ranking, everyone with any type of website needs to know these tips to rank high and experience success.

    Many people become frustrated with how many affiliate links they should post in an article without hurting their ranking, what is your recommendation on this?

  3. Hello Steven thanks for stopping by and leaving some feedback. Ok cool I thoght that was the case the privacy policy and the disclosure page weren’t indexed. Thanks for clearing that up Steven and have a super evening.

  4. Lots of useful information in this post. I have been paying particular interest to SEO for the past while and can say that each of these points are important to consider.

    I noticed someone asking a bout pages not being indexed . I believe pages like your privacy policy or pages that only make sense from an internal link are pages that do not need to be indexed.

  5. Hello Riaz thanks for your input Neil is the best one of my first mentors. As far as robot.txt I will do some research on that question and have a answer when you check back next week. I personally want all my post indexed too. Again thanks for supporting us here and get back to me for a reply about your question. Have a great weekend.

  6. Hey Darrel,
    I love Quicksprout too! Neil inspires me because not only is he a speaker, he also blogs and he does that quite frequently too! Kinda puts me to shame if I decided to take off days lol.

    I’m curious about the robot.txt thing though, are there things that shouldn’t be indexed? I usually index everything.

  7. Hello Christian thanks for stopping byand leaving your valuable feedback. Don’t feel bad just get back on the horse execute these strategies and your traffic will eventually come back my friend. Again thanks for visiting and supporting the cash blog. Have a great weekend.


  8. My man, you have really pulled out all stops with this post, for sure! I have taken notes on everything that you wrote here, and I’m definitely going to apply myself because my site has recently experienced a downward spiral in traffic. I was doing great, and then just like that, over half my traffic went away. A little discouraging to say the least. Thank you for these tips!

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