33 High End Affiliate Programs to Promote right Now !

High end  affiliate programs = big money for you ! (Just look at that green)

Hello everybody especially the ( big cashers)  Darrell back at you on a rainy chilly morning in Iowa.  Quite a few of you guys have been asking me what are the best paying affiliate programs.

So hopefully today’s post will not only answer that question but get you fired up and get some of this $ 7 billion dollar affiliate marketing money.

Today’s post titled ” 33 High-end  Affiliate programs to promote right now”.

Remember it takes as much time,  energy and effort to promote a $ 30,000 golf simulator as it does my $2.99 e-books

So it’s common sense to promote as many high end products as possible so you can make those huge commissions like my man Stuart from from Nichehacks.com.

1. Villiers Private Jet Charter  $ 244 commission per booking     click here Villiers Affiliate program .


2. Regal Assets Program

 When people invest in gold, silver or platinum they invest with huge money like 5 and 6 figures. The average transaction at Regal Assets ranges between $ 20,000 to $ 85,000.    To apply for this program   click here and get approved.


Stop Making $30
Commisions & Start Making
$30,000+ For Referring ONE SALE.



Direct ownership of gold and silver     To Join there affiliate program.

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4. Orient Express Luxury Trains and Hotels

They have a very  good  program.  Click here apply and Get started.

5. AfricaPoint.com

African safari and travel company with up to 30% commissions and has a 1 year cookie. A single sale can net as much as $ 350 in commissions.

In internet marketing for years now e-books have been used as the main tool to get people to subscribe to your  email.

Introducing E-books with Resale Rights STORE   Your Leadmagnet Solution


6.Exotissmo Travel

A South East Asia based tour company with 90 day cookies and will pay you even for enquiries where no sale is made.     Sign up via Share a Sale

7. Tour Radar Adventure Tours

Paying 50% on confirmed bookings of average $ 2,000 sale makes this a very great affiliate program. Click here to register.

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8. Travel Payouts    60-70% per sale    $ 9 per airplane ticket    $ 20 per hotel booking     Click to apply.

9. Walt Disney World

Flights and hotel = 3% Travel packages  can quickly add up  to $ 5k – $ 10 k   click here and apply.

10. Hotel Travel Check       $ 250 hotel referred      http://hoteltravelcheck.com

11. Tourguate     8% commissions           http://tourguate.com/affiliates.html


Promoting e-commerce platforms as an affiliate can be very lucrative.


12. Shopify

They pay up to $358 per sale and 200% commissions or more if you send high volumes of targeted traffic.   Click here to apply.

13. Finest Shops               $150 for every referral        https://jvfinestshops.com/affiliates


14. Dropship Access       $73 for every subscriber or $173 for enterprise subscriber    click here to apply.


The Home security niche is a $42 billion dollar niche and growing


15. Add Home Security      $ 125 -$ 165 per sale                http://adtpays.com

16. Spytechs           15% lifetime commission on every purchase    Click and apply.


17.Grasshopper Phone System

Designed for businesses to get a toll free phone number that can be forwarded to any phone in the world.   $ 100 per order.       click here to apply.


18. Cyberghost Vpn                     50% lifetime commissions           click to apply.



They are one of the best affiliate programs in the invest niche. They enable trading of U.S stocks,Forex, Futures, Options and Indexes.    click here to apply.

20. U.S Medical Supplies

They are among the highest paying  medical affiliate programs. You can make huge money when visitors buy one of their home medical or mobility items. They pay 10% commission on orders $ 999 12% on orders higher than $1000     click and apply here.


21. Medical Depot     

They also pay 10% of all orders                apply here today.


22. Sell health.com

Is well known when it comes to health and wellness programs. The commissions range from $ 150 to $ 350 per sale.           http://sellhealth.com/affiliates

23. TRAChealth

They have a great affiliate program there commission is between 45%-50% each order is around $ 200 per sale. They have nutritional products,antioxidants,chai seeds, and others. click to apply.

24. Massagechairdeals.com     7% commission   Chair prices go up to $ 6,000     Apply here.

25. Elite massage chairs    $  200 commission on every sale.        click to apply.


Golf as we know you have to  have alot of money it is a rich man’s game.


26. ProTee Indoor Golf Simulator     10% of simulators that cost over $ 30,000   click to apply.

27.Proputt Systems   Commissions average $300  click to apply.


28. Purepoint instructions    50% commission on average video of $ 50   apply here.


Watches and Jewelers can be very lucrative to promote

29. James Allen Jeweler     5% commission on an average item cost of $ 3,000        click here to apply.

30.The Watchery      10% commission on watches costing up to  $ 10,000        click to apply.


31. Rokstok               10% of all finished jewelry they specialize in custom wedding and engagement rings. The average order is $ 4,000          click here.

Brain supplements are big business so be smart and promote it


32. Simple smart science     30% lifetime commissions        click here.


33.Cerebral success          30% commission on all sales        click here to apply

For more reading about affiliate marketing I suggest this post by Business2community.com.



Well that’s going to be it for today everybody let me know if you have ever promoted these 33 high end affiliate marketing programs.

I would highly encourage you to use these sites I have a  couple of personal friends who are crushing it with  “the watchery”.  Please recommend   this blog to your friends and family. Spread the word about the cash blog.

Let me know what’s on your mind. What  kind of articles  are  you expecting in 2017? What’s happening in your neck of the woods?

Well I’m getting ready to stuff my belly and have a   greasy  cheeseburger. Y’all take care.












16 thoughts on “33 High End Affiliate Programs to Promote right Now !

  1. the helpful information I started a blog for affiliate marketing business but I am facing difficulties in choosing a right program to promote, this article really made sense and I am going to select one of the programs to promote, thanks for the helpful article, keep doing this great work and keep sharing with us.

  2. I started a blog for affiliate marketing business but I am facing difficulties in choosing a right program to promote, this article really made sense and I am going to select one of the programs to promote, thanks for the helpful article, keep doing this great work and keep sharing with us.

  3. Hello and thanks for your valuable feedback. And I’m in total agreement with you Donna ,I’m just looking for the good affiliates that’s whats important. Again thanks for your input and have a super weekend.

  4. Hello Glen and thanks for stopping by and leaving your valuable feedback. Glen most of these high end affiliates do want you to have at least one year of experience so you are correct. Again thanks always good to see a fellow veteran and have a super weekend.

  5. This is a great list of high-end affiliate programs. It would be interesting to know how selective the vendors are when it comes to approving affiliates. I imagine there are no automatic approvals because they are concerned about their images. People are turned down for the Amazon affiliate program. So I assume it is even harder for these high-end guys.

  6. Hi Darrell,

    Wow..what a great list of affiliates you have given us. I like high end programs myself but wouldn’t pass up a low end one if I can market the hell out of it lol.

    As a product creator myself, there is ALWAYS room for doing affiliate marketing. Thanks for the list!


  7. Hello Jayce thanks for your input my friend you have to try other affiliates other than Amazon. Thanks for stopping by and keep trying and hang in there. Have a great day.

  8. Hello Daniel thanks for stopping by and leaving your valuable feedback. You are right it’s actually amazing how many companies love us and depend on us. Again thanks for your opinion and keep visiting and supporting me here.


  9. Hello Darrell. It just goes to show the potential of this business, not just in monetary terms, but by the sheer vastness of opportunity that is out there for affiliates. I would never of thought you could be an affiliate for Orient Express trains. Unlike other businesses were they maybe focus on selling a product or service in one particular area, being an affiliate, the world really is your oyster and you don’t have to put all your eggs in one basket.

  10. Hello Margaret thanks for your valuable feedback and am glad the information was helpful. Yes take your time and select the affiliate programs that are going to be beneficial. Again thanks for your input and have a great day.


  11. Thank you, Darrell, for all this great information about different affiliate programs!! This is just what I need right now and so thankful I came across your site. It makes so much sense to look at high end affiliate programs. Looking forward to exploring all my options in the affiliate world.

  12. Hello Ehab thanks for stopping by and leaving feedback here. I would suggest signing up with these recommended programs and using them on your social media channels Twitter and Facebook.Use them on a PPC campaign. Even though I am registered with twenty of these programs but I’ve only promoted four because of difference of niches. Again thanks for your input and keep coming by.

  13. Hi there,

    I am just new at affiliate marketing, I only participate in Amazon affiliate program as it’s very easy to deal with but I know that the commission rate is not that big like your recommended affiliate programs, but my question is how I can join those affiliate programs & my niche is not related to them is this can be done by just adding advertisement & attached the affiliate link so visitors go through the ads, not the posts? hope tp hear from you as I am little confused, Thanks!

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