7 Work from home Scams to Avoid in 2017

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Today’s post is about scammers. And take it from me I grew up in Chicago, seen busloads of them keep your guard up guys  scammers work 24/7.  Let’s get to the post titled “7 work from home scams to AVOID  in 2017.

On the internet 90% of all people that buy a product related to internet marketing at some point feel as though they have been “ripped off” or bamboozled.

That does not give the industry as a whole a good name and that doesn’t sit easy with me, so I decided to give everyone a heads up and inform them what  scams to look out for this year.

7 work from home Scams to Avoid in 2017

When I need to know what’s happening in Lagos I check out my friend Linda Ikejiis blog

1. Letters from Nigeria

Also called the 419 scam ( that refers to Nigeria’s Criminal code dealing with fraud )  A email arrives from a man claiming to be a high-ranking civil servant of Nigeria.

Who writes that he is looking for a reputable foreigner with whom he can deposit up to $60 million for safe keeping while he deals with some dangerous political strife.

In return for providing a safe haven in your bank account, the thief promises to give you 30% of the money.Of course you will be required to  cough up a deposit so that you have a stake in this business venture.

When your Nigerian friend later claims something has gone wrong he will ask for additional funds. Of course he supposedly has millions of dollars to start with.

The email may claim that you are eligible to receive a hefty inheritance from a wealthy and recently deceased diplomat.

Yes,confirms the Federal Trade Commission  ………  PEOPLE  do fall for this !

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2. Assembly work or piece work

You are promised so much for each piece of jewelry,toy or craft you assemble that meets their “specifications”.

However you have to buy all the materials upfront and they rarely pay for any of the finished product because they rarely meet their “specifications”

Some of the best reviews on the internet are on Eddy’s blog   work at home no scams.


3.Craig List Ads

Many scam artist use Craig’s List as a way to take advantage of people. If you are job searching DO NOT give out personal information without verifying the company’s information and meeting in person first.

Never give out your drivers license number, social security number or agree to a credit or background check without knowing the company and if the job offer is legitimate.

Do your research look for the company’s website. If they have one does it appear legitimate?

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4. Check cashing

Scammers recruit U.S agents – dubbed “financial managers to cash counterfeit checks (or deposit stolen funds ) for a small commission and then wire that money abroad.

By the time the bank realizes the checks are bogus (two to five days later ) the money’s been sent and the unsuspecting intermediary is left holding the bag.

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5.Re-shipping scheme

Scammers buy goods online with stolen credit cards, have them then shipped to “reshippers” who for a fee  repackage the goods and send them to a P.O box usually in another state or country. Guess who gets caught when the authorities try to trace  that stolen credit card?


In internet marketing for years now e-books have been used as the main tool to get people to subscribe to your  email.

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6. Name compiling

For just a “$ 30 “registration fee” someone will pay you 75 cents for every name and address you send in.

Victims gather as many names and addresses of friends and relatives as possible, expecting to cover the registration fee within a day.

You know what the scammer does with those addresses, right? Yup: He sends the exact same offer to them. And when the scheme is exposed? You’re left with dirty hands.

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7. Dial-a-scammer

Scammers use 1-900 numbers to push bogus work at home jobs. Just call the 1-900-number for “more information”.

While you wait on hold you’ll rack up hefty charges, which the scammer splits with the phone company.

Catch and report the scam,like a chess match the bad guy simply moves to a different name and number.

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  2. Well, that was enlightening, not to mention frightening.
    I´d heard of one or two of these scams before, but the majority are new to me and i thank you for alerting me to their existence. I.m particularly surprised by the “Assembly work or piece work” scam….although most of us probably know about Nigerian princes by now.

    This is valuable information and i´m glad i stumbled upon it. Thanks and please keep the site updated, i´ll be checking back regularly.

  3. Hello Asen thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment at my site. I’m glad you thought this post was helpful and useful. You are correct that it can be tough to notice certain scams they can be camouflaged so well. Again thanks for your input have a great day.


  4. Hi ,

    Thank you for taking the time to write such a narrowed down article presenting such an useful information for all the internet marketing success seekers all around the globe.
    That was a long sentence, lol! 🙂
    I really found this info very interesting. In these days some scams are really difficulty to spot or even distinguish.

  5. Hello Karlo thanks for stopping by and leaving your input. I am delighted that you enjoyed my post. I am tired of hard working people getting scammed and I try to do all I can to enlighten them when I can Thanks for your input and have a super day.

  6. Hello,
    thank you for sharing in depth article about avoding scams. I have to point out, you really explain in detail everything we need to know about avoiding online scams and what to do about that. I really learned a lot by reading your article. Keep up the good work

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