Digital Altitude Review : Opportunity or Scam ?

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For the last couple of weeks I have been getting  tons of questions and comments from my readers about Digital Altitude, that’s the reason for today’s post titled “Digital Altitude Review : Opportunity or Scam ? ”

This is the first review  this year and  I had to dig and research all the good and bad about Digital  Atitude just for you guys.

The internet has made the world smaller. It’s provided us with information at our finger tips, entertainment and if you got skills or smarts a way to make money.

Let’s keep it real trying to land a legitimate work at home job can be like trying  to keep up with 9 pair of  socks in a laundry  bag it’s damn near impossible.

This Digital Altitude review will give you all the facts so that you can make a decision on your own.


Name :        Digital Altitude

Official Website :  http:

Founder:      Michael Force

Price :          $ 37/ month starting

Founded :   2016

Rating:    1/10


What is Digital Altitude ?

This is nothing more than an online training course ( hence the name) on how to market your product/network marketing business.

Digital Altitude was created by Michael Force , former Empower Network Producer with a history of scam reports  ( ) now defunct.

It is a high ticket MLM Pyramid scheme that teaches you the best ways to target unsuspecting and naive opportunity seekers and convince them that a membership in Digital Altitude will make them rich.

Members  are called Affiliates and receive a commission for every new member they recruit into this scheme. At the same time, Affiliates are building their downline of affiliates three tiers deep.

The only purpose of Digital Altitude is to recruit as many new members as you possibly can and build a huge team of affiliates.

Read this useful post  Avoid Online Scams.

In internet marketing for years now e-books have been used as the main tool to get people to subscribe to your  email.

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How does Digital Altitude Work?

They give you a $1,fourteen day trial,which is nothing more than a good way to collect some of your personal data , most importantly, your credit card information. Other than that you’ll get to watch a long sales video, geared to convince you to join as a paying member.

It will cost you $17 per month to become an affiliate. At that point you are called an Aspire member, and you will have access to some training videos and a life-time coach.

The coach is supposed to guide you through the pyramid but the main purpose is to get as much of your hard earned money as possible. They are not really coaches but highly trained salespeople to close deals.

There are THREE Aspire levels with different cost, different commission payouts and different training levels. They drip feed your training for one reason.

“You want us to teach you more you have to pay more”

Just so you know here at  the cash blog    we run honest real, authentic reviews that maintain integrity. Our number one focus is giving you guys, quality and informative reviews, a paycheck will never influence the reviews here.



  • Great training
  • Awesome themes
  • Fundamental principles to someone new to marketing
  • Access to a coach



  • High priced products
  • Requires recruiting
  • Very risky
  • No inventory


The Digital Altitude Products

There are 5 high ticket products they call them memberships

1. Aspire $37 or $67/ month

2.The Base Membership : $ 595 one-time payment

3. The Rise Membership : $ 1997  one-time payment

4.The Ascend Membership : $ 9997 one-time payment

5.The Peak Membership : $ 16,997 one-time payment

6.The Apex Membership : $27,997 one-time payment


Is Digital Altitude a Scam?

I can tell you that it is definitely not a scam. In the world of online marketing all it takes is for you to have some type of product and you will be legit. Whether it’s a crappy product or digital product you will be given the green light.  other  strange things about Digital Altitude

a.) You have to pay a monthly fee to be an affiliate

b.) You have to purchase  the product you want to promote.

c.)You only get commission for the level you are a member

d.) If you don’t recruit you don’t make money  You have to target “dream chasers”

e.) If your coach helps your commission gets cut !


Is Digital Altitude Legit ?

In regards to the legitimacy of MLM schemes the law is vague and not well written. However

If the main income is derived from recruiting new members then the operation is ILLEGITIMATE.



Digital Altitude will teach you some marketing strategies that could be very useful in an online business.

They cover email marketing,  how to create sales funnels , how to get traffic, but at a ridiculous price tag.

Most of this information can be found on the internet for free. Digital Altitude is selling some expensive dreams if you are wise you will stay away from them.

Personally I can not recommend Digital Altitude. I don’t see this as a great way to make money online.

If you are a beginner trying to find a way to get started in online marketing. I suggest you check out  My # 1 Recommendation and sign up where I got started and was able to build a sustainable business that makes me a full-time income.

I am not saying this is the right thing for you, that’s for you to decide but take at least a look and it won’t cost you a dime.

That’s all for today I hope you enjoyed reading  ” Digital Altitude Review: Opportunity or Scam ? as much as I enjoyed writing it.

I would love to hear your opinions about it leave your comment below and please share this post with your friends and family. Thanks Y’all.

9 thoughts on “Digital Altitude Review : Opportunity or Scam ?

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  2. I was one of those naive opportunists who got lured into Digital Altitude’s fold through their marketing campaign exhibiting my future flash cars, wonderful home, exotic holidays not to forget my yacht. They even mention how they will help you park your future earnings in a tax free haven.

    I joined on their promise you can start for $1. Nope, it costs $37 per month, then some!

    This type of role is fab for the hugely experienced marketers who have no feelings for the debt their associates may put themselves in. After seriously questioning my coach regarding how much it will cost me to accomplish these portrayed earnings he had to admit that it’s all down to one’s marketing budget.

    To me, the whole system seems to be run on Facebook via paying for advertisements. When I asked him how much he was spending on advertisements, alarm bells certainly rang.
    I fled; this type of business is definitely not right for myself being inexperienced plus I don’t like this style of MLM scheme and I certainly don’t want to hang around Facebook all day.
    Did you initially get lured in?

  3. Hey Illias thanks for leaving such valuable feedback on my blog man and supporting us here. I’m sure someone paid $ 27,000 for a membership P.T Barnum said a sucker is born every minute. It seems unreal to me too . Thanks for your input and have a great day now.


  4. Hi Darrell, are there people who buy a 27.000$ membership? If someone pays thousands of dollars in this program, is there any chance to get his money back or profit? Many people avoid paying 10$ online because of online scams. So, it seems unreal to me that some people asking thousands of dollars to join in a MLM scheme.

  5. Hello Eric thanks for coming by and leaving your valuable feedback. And I’m always happy to keep my readers informed about these scams with my reviews. Keep coming by and supporting us here. Have a super evening my friend.

  6. So many MLMs out there preying on those who are looking for an opportunity. I guess where there’s demand someone will inevitably take advantage.

    Thanks for the in depth review. As always you make things easy for the rest of us. I’ll have to keep my eyes out for this one. Thanks again!

  7. Hello Chris thanks for stopping by and leaving your valuable feedback. I’m glad I was able to enlighten you on this scam before you wasted your money. Yes this whole thing revolves around recruiting my friend. Again thanks for supporting us here.


  8. Ahh yet another MLM marketing scheme. They are never ending aren’t they?

    I was reading your information here and I was stumped by something.

    I can see it is a process of signing up, then get others to sign up under you, and the main objective is to get as many people to sign up under you as you can.

    My question is, to do what? 🙂

    I also went to look further into this offer you are talking about, and there was no answer there either.

    I think this is one of the first things to look out for. Money making opportunities with little in the way of an explanation.

    You have done an excellent job here highlighting this one and I hope you continue your good work so other people do not fall for these scams!

    Many thanks


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