21 Smart Tips to Elevate Your Facebook Live Broadcast

Good morning everybody and a special shout out to my loyal readers ( big cashers). It’s Darrell back at you .

I just got back in from my vacation from sunny St. Croix U.S Virgin Islands to rainy  cold Urbandale Iowa. Ugh ! Let’s Roll.

Have you  heard ?  About me.

I have been getting a lot  of questions and comments the last couple weeks about Facebook Live and how it’s helping bloggers outreach so I’m really happy and proud of you guys.

There was a time when broadcasting live video meant you were one of the “big dogs” or  you had deep pockets.

But things have changed in the blogosphere with the likes of Twitter’s Periscope and Facebook’s Facebook Live. These days you can reach millions from your smartphone or computer live…….. instantly.

In this post I’ve researched and come up with ” 21 Smart Tips to Elevate Your Facebook Live Broadcast”.

1. Know Your Strategy

Why are you doing a video with Facebook Live ?  Because it’s Fun   Well cool ! (just make sure you know WHY !)

It could be to connect better with your audience or a way to reach your Facebook fans more quickly know your strategy, do your thing with your live videos and achieve your goals.

2. Familiarize yourself with the platform

If you have never used Facebook Live before take time to understand it. It’s not complicated make sure you’re familiar with the layout and features.

Definitely know how to navigate everything because if you don’t it will impact the quality of your stream.

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3. Choose a Descriptive Headline or Title

You definitely want to capture as many viewers attention so that they will want to engage with you. The title should inform visitors what to expect.

Check this useful post out I read in   Social Media Examiner  one of my go-to sources.

4. Inform people ahead of time when you will be broadcasting

Build excitement and anticipation by informing people when you’ll be broadcasting live.


In internet marketing for years now e-books have been used as the main tool to get people to subscribe to your  email.

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5. Make a plan

Know what you will do during the broadcast and what you will talk about. A structured stream is easier and definitely leads to better content.

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6. Stick to your plan

You might feel tempted to wing it, change or extend your plan during the broadcast but guys stick to your game plan.


7. Be frequent and  consistent

Like anything else the only way to get better and improve is to keep doing them, learn from your mistakes and your brand will become more visible.

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8. Promote it

Promote your live video through Facebook ads, through your social accounts and with the help of your followers.

9. Broadcast your Live video at the best time

Because I average  1200 visitors a day I’m able to get a decent audience at most times of the day but there are certain times that will work better.

10. Syndicate your live video feed

If you own  multiple Facebook fan pages there is a tool called Live Leap that makes it possible to go live on all of your pages and  Facebook groups at the same time.

11.Engage with live viewers

Be sure to engage any live viewers whether it’s giving them a shout out when they join or answering their questions in the chat.

To be able to ask viewers questions and get immediate feedback is really cool.

12. Selfie sticks and iPhone stabilizers

Using a selfie stick or a smartphone stabilizer will greatly increase the stability and quality of your videos and make your broadcast much more professional.

13. Be  Aware of your audio quality

Stay in a quiet area when you broadcast. These days people expect and demand great audio quality. An external microphone will greatly improve the audio quality of your live broadcast.

14. It’s really important to signal right from the beginning of your live video that you want to engage.

  • Greet people who comment by name inject  your personality (let it shine).
  • Ask your readers where they’re watching from  ( send them a shoutout).
  • Be ready to talk about who you are and how’s your life going.
  • Have some questions to ask your viewers . Have a question and answer session.


19.Ask those watching to share  ( call to action)

Ask those watching to share your video. This will help you reach more people. They can share it to their personal profile or a page.

20. Have people follow your page

One call to action that is worth doing is to call people to follow your page. I usually do it at the end of a video.

21. Be Your Authentic Self (no matter how weird or nerdy)

Nobody likes phony people. Be warm, down to earth and relatable, show your personality. That’s what Facebook Live is all about.

Follow these 21 tips everybody you will feel empowered, like a Lion among sheep.

Bonus tip:   Stay Positive

That’s  gonna be it for today everybody just a short share. That’s 21  smart tips that will help you elevate your Facebook Live  broadcast immediately.

What Facebook Live  broadcast tips do you have? Let me know ,leave comments below and don’t forget to recommend my post to friends and family.

And don’t forget to share this post. Stay positive.    Thanks and have a great week


9 thoughts on “21 Smart Tips to Elevate Your Facebook Live Broadcast

  1. Hello Leo thanks for your valuable feedback here. And yes you can make a Facebook Live video with that smart phone of yours and of course Leo you are in charge of the broadcast no one will interrupt or have access to talk until you push that selection. Try it out it’s not as hard as people think. Thanks again for your input and have a awesome day.


  2. Hi Darrell, I have heard about Facebook live feature but I had never personally used it. I always had the impression that I need to have a good web camera and a good mic to do something impressive (expectation of people nowadays are rocket sky high!) but seems like a decent usage of the mobile phone will do the trick.

    How does Facebook live compared to Vlogging? I know that a live broadcast can promote engagement, but wouldn’t it be messy if a whole load of people interrupts you while you broadcast live?

  3. Hello Riaz thanks for stopping by and adding your input. I don’t think you understood the post because I did mention you needed to promote the broadcast before you went live. No, problem we all misinterpret words. Again thanks for taking time out your day and commenting here.


  4. Hey Darrell,
    Awesome tips on promoting the fb Live broadcast, one thing that got my attention is the fb ad, how does it work actually – Do we promote an fb page after we finish the live broadcast, or before?

    I can’t imagine boosting the broadcast while starting the video though, but is that possible? Loving your write-up, looking forward for your upcoming posts!

  5. Hello Maggie thanks for visiting and supporting us here. I am glad you find my tips helpful and let me know when you go Live. Again thanks for adding value here and have a super weekend.


  6. Hello Darrell. Glad I came across this blog, as its full of really useful information. I will certainly be taking some of your tips and using them. Facebook live is a bit daunting, but you’ve explained it easily and preparation is important to get the most out of it. Thanks

  7. Hey Mr. darrell great read im looking to start going live here soon these tips are spot on and they make perfect sense do you go live and talk about real estate or online marketing im interested in following you on facebook how can i find you

    thanks again for the tips

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