SwissCoin vs. Bitcoin The Honest Review

Today’s  Review compares SwissCoin vs. Bitcoin  two cryptocurrencies in the blogosphere.

If you are looking for more information about Swisscoin you are not alone. The Swisscoin website provides no information at all about their opportunity and consist of basically a signup page.

When a company does not publicly reveal information about how they operate their business it’s usually because they have something to hide.

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Swisscoin Products

Swisscoin offers no retail products. All products and services offered by swisscoin ( training packs ) are only available to be purchased by and from affiliates.


Swisscoin Compensation Plan

The Swisscoin compensation plan is based on investments in tokens as follows:

Trainee ( 25 Eur) – 200 tokens

Tester-50 ( 50 Eur) -500 tokens

Tester-100 (100 Eur) -1,000 tokens

Tester-250 (250 Eur)-2,500 tokens

Tester 500 (500 Eur)-5,000 tokens

Trader 1000 ( 1000 Eur)- 10,000 tokens

Crypto Trader ( 2500 Eur)-25,000 tokens

Crypto Maker (5000 Eur )-60,000 tokens

Crypto Broker (7500 Eur)-90,000 tokens

Crypto Manager (10,000 Eur)-120,000

Crypto Director (15,000 Eur)-200,000 tokens

These tokens are later converted into Swisscoins which are a digital currency developed by Swisscoins.

The value of a swisscoin is solely set and established by the owners of Swisscoin and Swisscoins are not available for purchase by the general public. Therefore Swisscoins have no real external value.

The Conclusion:

We have  seen it all before. Swisscoin  is another case of an MLM company attempting to capitalize on the allure of cryptocurrency though the company actually has nothing to do with digital currency at all.

Essentially affiliates are investing in a fake currency that does not exist outside of the Swisscoin ecosystem and worse the value of this fake currency is an arbitrary number set by the company.

Swisscoins are not traded on any crypto exchanges and cannot be used to purchase anything outside of the Swisscoin website.

In short, Swisscoin is a scheme designed to prey on  unsuspecting investors  and crypto newbies and and separate them from their hard earned money. As a former investor  always remember the old adage . “If it sounds too good to be true,it probably is”

I  personally won’t be investing in Swisscoin and I would wisely advise  my  readers (big cashers) who sent questions and comments to me to think about it long and hard.


Website :

Introduced : Oct 31, 2008

Started by : Satoshi Nakomoto

Bitcoin  is a cryptocurrency and a payment system invented by an unidentified programmer or group of programmers under the name of Satoshi Nakamoto.

Bitcoin is the first decentralized peer-to -peer payment network that is powered by its users with no central authority or middlemen. By analogy it is like being able to send a gold coin  via email.

It enables value to be transferred over a communications channel. Transactions are made with no middlemen so anyone can transfer money anywhere in the world without using any centralized service like a bank or Paypal.

Bitcoin is the first cryptocurrency or digital currency yes it’s an invention of the internet.

Basically someone out  there thought “hey what if we create a system where money is not bound by geography, like the internet and shabam now we have 1,000’s of cryptocurrencies going around.

Not all cryptocurrencies are created equal. Some feature amazing blockchain technology behind it’s creation. Some were created “just because” or as a joke. Some were part of an elaborate pyramid scheme.

Some are pretty useless to keep as they are perceived as worthless — any cryptocurrency is only as valuable as the value assigned to it by a mass audience.

 Like any other asset (think of stocks or property) it’s price can rise and fall quickly making them volatile and risky investments.


I decided  TO DIG DEEPER and to ask two experts Roger Justin Noah and Arjay Anand    the question “What do you think about digital currency like Bitcoin and Swisscoin ?”

Roger Justin Noah

Roger Justin Noah  a well respected West African from Cameroon and Bitcoin expert.

responded .

Bitcoin is the reference cryptocurrency of the world started on 3 January 2009. While Bitcoin has a capitalization of $ 10.111 billions as of today .

Swiss coin is a frail currency with a capitalization of less than a million dollars for a 24 h volume of less than $ 23,000.

Therefore it is a no-name in the industry. If you want to invest in a cryptocurrency,please consider Bitcoin or any other currency with a capitalization of at least tens of millions of dollars and hundreds of dollars in 24 h volume.


Ajay Anand
Ajay Anand  , New Delhi India native, Author, Philosopher and Chessmaster
Bitcoin is the most prominent coin and Swisscoin and other coins come under Bitcoin and are mainly only exchanged for bitcoins are called alt coins.
Many of these alt coins are scams, they are just pump and dump schemes made by their founders to make some big money hoping their price explodes.
Coins like Swiss coin, steem and many others are all based on mlm, ponzi and scam business models.
There are more than a thousand alt coins but out of them only less than 10 % are somewhat valuable and useful coins.



I would recommend buying and using Bitcoin.  Swisscoin  not so much.

According to Mr. Anand and Mr. Noah ,Bitcoin seeems to be more stable and  IS  the premier cryptocurrency. I would advise that everyone do  their own due diligence before making any purchase.

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That’s it for today and I want to hear from my readers .Leave me a comment below who do you recommend Bitcoin or Swisscoin?

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17 thoughts on “SwissCoin vs. Bitcoin The Honest Review

  1. Remember, Bitcoin was ignored by many when it first came out, but today, it’s being used. So will happen Swisscoin

  2. Hello Ryan thanks for stopping by,isn’t that strange no real site! Thanks again for your valuable feedback and have a super day.


  3. Hi Darrell,

    Helpful breakdown here.

    Scanned Swisscoin’s site a second ago; weird how they have no real site. Log in page. Big time red flag in transparency terms because as you said, they have something to hide if they aren’t running an informative, helpful website.


  4. Hello Louis thanks for your participation and don’t feel bad I’ve only known about cryptocurrency about 18 months. It’s basically like sending a gold coin through the internet to complete a transaction. With no middleman. Again thanks for coming keep coming back ,I post weekly.


  5. Hello Matthew
    Thanks for coming by and leaving your valuable input and that means the world to me coming from you ,that I broke it down . Thanks and have a super day.


  6. Hello Sonali thanks for stopping by and leaving your feedback. That’s what my blog is for to inform and empower my readers. Keep coming back.

  7. Hello Ryan thanks for stopping by my blog. I don’t think Bitcoin is as good as gold maybe in the future. But since its inception it has been consistent and secure. Again thanks for your input and have a great day.

  8. So would Bitcoin be as good an investment as Gold? Its value doesn’t look like it will decrease anytime soon but that’s a natural resource and BitCoin is really just ones and zeroes. So do you think it’s as secure?
    And on a side note: how long do you think it ill be before using BitCoin becomes a way of life globally?

  9. Hello Razhede thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment on my blog. These currencies can be used when paying on the internet, you just don’t need a bank or middleman like Paypal. If you have any other questions be sure to let me know. Thanks for visiting and supporting us here.

  10. Hello Jon thanks for stopping by and leaving your valuable feedback here. I am glad the post helped to explain to you what these currencies do. It’s very wise for you to stay away from currencies that don’t have a tangible product. Again thanks for your input have a super day.

  11. How are you doing Darrell, this is a great article for me being that I have always wondered what these two “currencies” were. I am still a little confused though, so are these currencies strictly for transactions for people who are in two different geographical locations? Or can it be used in multiple ways, because I have never seen a payment option in the US to use bitcoin.

  12. This is a very interesting post. I have come across both Swiss Coin and Bitcoin before but never really understood what they were until I read your post. This is very informative. I’m always weary of network marketing business that don’t offer tangible products and services and I’m glad that you have mentioned this fact.Thanks for writing this.

  13. Hello Thevin thanks for stopping by and leaving your input. I’m glad you found this post helpful and informative to you. Yes I would recommend Bitcoins but due diligence is best. Thanks and have a super day.

  14. Hello Darrell,

    I like how informative your article is. I was looking to purchase some Bitcoins but was not too sure whether it is a good choice or not. Bitcoin prices seems to be increasing these past few month and it’s expected to increase even further in the future. I would consider buying some soon. Thank You.

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