51 Ways to Increase Your Google Adsense Income !

Hello everybody and a special shout out to my loyal readers ( big cashers) it’s Darrell back at you on a beautiful sunny 54 degree February morning in Iowa.

The goal here at the cash blog is to be the best resource in the world on anything related to making money online.

I’ve been getting alot of questions from my readers the last couple of weeks asking me how can they make more money with their Google Adsense accounts.

That’s why today’s post “51 Ways to Increase Your Google Adsense Income.” If you haven’t been approved for Google Adsense read the post below.

Read this useful post  How to Get Approved for Google Adsense  and get paid!

Don’t  just read the following tips take the time to utilize them on your blog. A little extra effort could help you double or triple your total Adsense income .

1. Strictly  follow   adsense rules .

2.Choose high paying niche for your blog.

3.Find your keywords.

4. Check the keyword density you just selected

5. Placing ads on the top of a page is good.

6.Using images and text ads together is good.

7. Use non-standard types of ads.

8. Choose the right Adsense format for your blog.

9.Use Adsense for search

10. Use multiple ad units.

11. Change the color of your ads to match.

12.Use Adsense multiple Palettes

13.Use horizontal link units ( navber , Above posts )

14.Do occasional experiments with positioning of ads.

15.Ad placement

16. Avoid borders on the ads.

17.Turn low paying units into image only ads.

18.Promote your site with Google Adword

19. Reduce  total number of out going links on the page.

20.Create multiple ad banners.

21.Use all possible Adsense features available.

22. Choose the right ads for the content.

23.Make sure your ads are visible.

24. Use section targeting.

25.Your link units should be in hot spots where they can be seen easily by visitors.

26.Get targeted traffic.

27. Drive traffic to your blogs by SEO and backlinks.

28. Use  Adword tools to help your site.

29.Use Adsense channels to track performance.

30.Keep track of your ads.

31.Avoid made for Adsense sites.

32.Block low paying advertisers with competitive filters.

33.Don’t over block ads.

34.Use Adsensr preview tools.

35.For short articles place ads on top of the content.

36.For long articles place ads in in the middle of the content as well.

37.Avoid using common blog words

38.Do not set Google Adsense as  a secondary  ad option.

39. Publish fresh content.

40.Register on hubpages and use the same Adsense account.

41.Register on bukisa and use the same Adsense account.

43.Make use of Revenue sharing sites.

44. Join YouTube Partners.

45.Get rid of public see vice ads.

46.Avoid sponsored ads.

47. Another few places where you can place advertisement for better CTR

  • above the post
  • side bar banner
  • sidebar video unit


49. Ad placement at top of article header again have better Google  Adsense CTR.

50. If you are thinking only about revenue you can place advertisement between the content.

51. Google search for your website is also a good  idea to increase some more revenue and placing Google Search unit at the best visible place on your website would be a much better idea.


Adsense  can now be integrated with Analytics which will help you to track which page and which keyword is performing best for you.

That’s it for today guys just a short share.

Give me your thoughts and let me know what other topics you’d like me to cover.

I hope you enjoyed this post ” 51 Ways to Increase your Google Adsense income. ”

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23 thoughts on “51 Ways to Increase Your Google Adsense Income !

  1. Hello Warren I am glad you learned quite a bit about the process and we were able to help you keep up the good work. Keep coming back Warrem you are always welcome here again have a awesome day. Darrell

  2. Hello Howard thanks for leaving your feedback and I hope we were able to teach you a few things thats the goal. Keep improving and best of luck to you.

  3. Hi, Darrell. Great article on AdSense. I wasn’t approved for it when I first looked at it, so I kind of forgot about it. Now that I came across this article, I will be having another look at it and hopefully by this time they know I’m in it for good. Your list is awesome and will soon be hanging on the office wall.

  4. Hello Darrell,

    Loved this post very much! I got something useful from this post!

    Adsense is really one of the most reliable sources to make money online!


  5. Hi Darrell,
    Very informative post about increasing adsense earning. Bloggers should be more smarter when choosing the right keywords for their blog! It is very essential to find the perfect keyword which has good CPC to convert well!

    Anyway, nice post! Thanks for the great share!

    Happy blogging!

  6. Darrell:
    You really know your stuff. I am very new to affiliate marketing and am trying to absorb everything about it that I can. I have not tried any advertising yet. In your opinion does Google Adsense work for newbies or is it better to get a few posts under your belt first?

  7. I would like to say Wow!!!! no one mentioned these tricks! at other websites especially change the colour of ad! love you admin thanx for these useful and it’s very helpful to increase my income… keep posting 🙂

  8. Hello Enstine thanks for stopping by it’s a pleasure to have a blogger of your stature drop by and support us here. Wow that’s phenomenal news ,a whatsappp related post to do so well. Thanks for you valuable input and have a super weekend.


  9. Hey Darrell,
    Good to be on your blog this beautiful Saturday morning. Gradually coming back after months of absence.

    I have some exciting amount with Adsense though this hasn’t really been my main money making method.

    In the past, I discovered the most visited article on my blog. It was whatsapp related article so I optimized it and dropped an adsense box on it. This post alone gave me over 2 euros per day in adsense earning. That was quite exciting how it worked 😉

    Thanks for sharing these points buddy. I will go through again and again to see what applies for my blog.

    Do have a wonderful weekend

  10. Excellent work Darrell,
    Outstanding article, Seriously these great 51 tips to increase google adsense income are really informative, using image and text add is a better way as the coversion i personally found is more rather than only text or banner add, but yes this may be according to nature of business too.
    Thank you for such an informative article, keep sharing like this.

  11. Do you find sidebar banners worthwhile, Darrell? I’ve tried them with little success. I find that ads within the article, right at the top (usually on the left side of the page) work best for me. I guess this could depend on the niche as well.

  12. Hello Uphill thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment it’s all good. I’m glad you found all those tips helpful that’s what it’s all about. Keep coming by and let me know how things work out for you.


  13. Hi Darrell,
    Hey, thanks for sharing these great tips on Google Adsense.I just started my Adsense campaign and can use all the helpful tips that I can get. It seems like you have been doing pretty good promoting it. Wish me luck man, I hope to one day be as success as you have been. Thanks again.

  14. Hello George thanks for coming by again and leaving some feedback. Yes don’t throw the towel in George give Adsense another chance follow my tips and keep me informed how it goes. Thanks and have a great weekend.


  15. Thanks for the tips Darrell. I had a site a few years ago and ran Adsense ads. Didn’t do very well with them, but I think it was due to lack of traffic on the site. I like your point about placement and some of the other nuances of creating the ads that are helpful. I may try Adsense on my new site and will keep these ideas in mind.

  16. Hello Katie thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. Like you said everyone has their own opinion just do the best you can with the tips and I’m sure your income will improve. THE TOUGHEST PART…………is getting started .Keep me informed of your progress and much success to you.


  17. Hi, Darrell,

    Very helpful post you’ve got here. i’m not an Adsense expert yet so bear with me for a second here.

    What is a non-standard type of ad? I read somewhere that non-standard ads are bad because they take too much time to load but hey, everyone online has a different opinion.

    Thanks for your article,

  18. Hello Gaurav thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. I’m glad this post was helpful to you and you’re correct it takes patience Again thanks for contributing and have a great day.

  19. Hello Michael thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment my friend. I’m glad you like the article and yes I am utilizing Google Adsense and I usually average $375 – $ 400 a month. Thanks again and keep coming back.

  20. Wow I had no idea there were so many things you could do to increase your google adsense income. I always figured you just put it on your site and hope people click on it eventually.

    Have you had any experince with Google Adsense, and if so how did it go for you?

  21. Awesome article Darrell,
    Really an amazing article, these 51 ways are very informative. It is very tough to earn money from affiliate or adsense, it takes lots of time to start some initial earning from blog. But your article is very helpful.
    Thanks to share this precious information with us.

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