How to Start a Social Media Management Service and Prosper

Hello everybody and a huge shout out to my loyal readers ( big cashers ). It’s Darrell back at you  for a weekend share on a beautiful Saturday morning in Iowa.

Do you know me ?About Me

As you all know time is  a very limited commodity, 24 hours goes by like a flash of light when you’re a blogger and a social media management service owner like I have been the last 18 months.

For the last two weeks I have been working on freeing up some of my time.

And yesterday I finalized the sale of our social media service here at to my best friends Interactive Group for $ 65,000 cash and the assumption of certain liabilities, subject to the terms and conditions of the Definitive agreement .

This will definitely increase my down time and much needed relaxation.

In today’s post I’m writing how I got started and  I hope this will help my readers replicate this that’s why this post “How to Start a Social Media Management Service?”

Now Let’s Roll.

Having a strong social media presence is an important aspect for businesses these days. Social media is where a great number of people spend a huge part of their time. By having a strong social media presence businesses can quickly fall behind their competition.

Many businesses do not understand what they should  be doing in order to strengthen and enhance their social media presence.

They don’t know how to handle social media on their own, they screw up their efforts or they ignore social media entirely.

The other options for these businesses?

They can hire out their social media management to a person or company that knows how to handle social media successfully.

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What does this mean for you ?

Well it means if social media is something you enjoy and are good at you can quickly and easily build a client base of your own– managing the social media elements of various small and midsize businesses.

Best of all because so much of social media can actually be automated this is not as large of a time commitment as most businesses think.

What you need to get started ?

All you really need in order to get started in this area of business is a lot of knowledge about social media and a strong sales pitch.

In a single day you could create a website on which you can promote yourself and then start finding small and mid-size businesses that seem to be lacking in their social media approach.

Start approaching these businesses with a brief outline of what they should be doing differently on social media and of how you can help them execute this plan.

How I did it  I offered a free consultation of a couple weeks of my social media service.

Once you turn this interest into  a conversion you will have a client who will pay you monthly to handle their social media — and you will then be able to schedule most of this social media activity in advance.

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What your expectations should be

Depending on your hustle you could have a strong client list within a few short weeks. If you don’t want to do social media as your only  enterprise just pick up a few clients so you have time for other business ventures.

  • Keep learning the best thing you can do for yourself and your clients is to keep learning about the different social media marketing strategies.
  • Always prepare a contract between you and your client detailing the agreement you made. Be sure to mention what your responsibilities are and how much you’ll be paid and other stipulations such as what to do if a client fails to pay. That’s it.

Leave me some comments everybody. Would you consider starting a social media business? Let’s hear about it  and make sure you Share this post. Thanks and take care.

13 thoughts on “How to Start a Social Media Management Service and Prosper

  1. Hello Sonali
    Thanks for your valuable feedback again and I’m glad you enjoyed my post about social media management. Yes nobody drives traffic like social media. Thanks agin for supporting me and keep coming by.

  2. Hello Darrell,
    Great article to read about the social media management….. Your article is descriptive about the benefits of social media as now days social media is the bets platform to drive insane traffic to the blog or article..
    Thanks for the great article

  3. Hello Nishant great points made all of them are very relevant thanks for stopping by again and leaving valuable feedback.


  4. Hi, Darrell using social media wisely can bring a lot of traffic to the website. Once best way is to market it to niche communities and groups where the target customers engage. Search engines also consider social signals as one of the ranking factor.

    Engaging on social media also helps in branding the business.

  5. Hello Gaurav thanks for stopping by and leaving your feedback. I definitely agree with you that its the best way to promote your website and isn’t easy to due initially. Thanks for your input here and keep coming back supporting us here.


  6. Hello Smart Prince thanks for coming by again to my blog. And I am elated you enjoyed it and got some ideas, that’s music to my ears. I try to keep it short but sweet with plenty of nuggets of meat. Thanks again for your input have a super day.


  7. Hello Darrell……………Great article because now a days social media promotion became one of the most important part of digital marketing and a huge traffic can be generated if you do it in right way. Yes ! it is right that managing social media is not an easy task but it is important and best way to promote website.
    Thanks for sharing your precious words.

  8. A short post yet full of useful tips. Believe me, I actually got an idea for my new business venture after I was done with your post.

    Since I am well-versed with Social Media on a personal level, I can say that it ain’t that gigantic of a thing if one can learn to take advantage of automation.

    Rather this is one of the best ways to generate more traffic with much less work. Though initially it takes time to automate things properly, but once done right, work happens even when one is sleeping on the couch.

    Thanks a lot for writing this post and thanks once again for making it short yet so helpful.

    Cheers man!

  9. Hello Shrey thanks for stopping by and leaving your feedback on my site. It can be time consuming doing social media that’s why some people specialize in this niche. Of course you can out source this,let me know how it goes and have a great weekend.


  10. I haven’t been able to focus all my energy on social media, however, I do have accounts on all the social media sites but never has my follower base grown as it has in the case of other entrepreneurs. It looks really time consuming, can I outsource the work maybe or use an app that makes things easier.

  11. Hello Peter thanks for stopping by again man and leaving a comment. I’m glad you liked the post. The first step to take to improve your social media would be to register for Facebook and Twitter immediately Peter and start engaging with other like-minded businesses. Again thanks for your input and have a super day.


  12. Thanks for providing tips on how to start this kind of service. I know my business definitely lacks in this area? What would be the first step I should take to improve it?
    I know you provide a list but, I never use Facebook or Twitter so I don’t know if using them will help my business.
    I’m glad you mentioned contract at the end because this is very important so all parties involved are protected.
    Thanks for this, Really well done.

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