Top 9 Blog Topic Ideas of All-Time

Good morning from beautiful Urbandale, Iowa, it’s Darrell back at you for a weekend share. A huge shout out to my loyal readers (big cashers) nothing but love for ya !

For the last couple of weeks I have been getting hundreds of questions from my newer readers the most common question.

What topic should I  blog about ?

Guys this is the first and most important decision that every blogger must make. A great blog has to start with a topic. I have gathered in this post the top trending topics that most bloggers write about.

These following topics have demonstrated phenomenal success in the past and will continue to do so in the future.

Guys  my rule of thumb is to pick a topic that sparks your interest and gets you pumped up.

1. Secrets to Making Money Online

Almost everyone I know is interested in improving their lifestyle and living a better quality of life .  Whether it’s tips making money online or  How to Make Money on Ebay this Year or

How to Make Money with Clickbank! everyone wants to find the quickest shortcuts to making money online.


2. Your Personal Story

No matter if you’re from a small town in Nigeria or from the bright lights in New York City,everyone has a unique story to tell. Let your opinions be known the good and the bad. People love reading about what others have expierienced. Share your unique story.


3. Product Reviews

Because of the growth of the online market many people rely on product reviews to make their final decision.

This is a great topic to enter and write about the products you approve of and the ones not so great. If you want to monetize your blog instantly this is a smart move.


4. Productivity Tips

Time is the only thing we can’t get more of, making it more valuable than money.

Help people feel more productive write about time-saving tricks and give them reasons to help elevate your blog.

5. How to Guides

Wikihow became insanely popular on how to articles alone.

Writing ” how to” guides will not only elevate your reputation but it will expand your audience if they are written properly with all the information updated. The phrase “how to” is one of the most common search terms that is “googled” every day.

6. Travel

No matter how connected we get travel will always be a popular topic for online searches.  Americans have over 126 million passports  and most like traveling or want to travel.

7. Web Design

Help others who aren’t as technical. Websites are the top source for information. Share your knowledge on web design, themes and development.

8. Self-Improvement

Life for me has always been about improvement. I have learned  no matter where people are in life everyone wants to get better. So help them out guys with a self-improvement blog.

9. Advice

Life advice regardless of the subject matter is a valued commodity. Lifehacker became prominent by featuring valuable advice to readers on just about every subject.

IT’S a Wrap

Just a short weekend share for today. I hope this post answered some questions and you guys enjoyed “Top 9 Blog Ideas of All-Time ”

Remember to choose your topic as carefully as you would your girlfriend. Feel free to share  other great tips below in comments and make sure you share this post. Thanks and take care.




27 thoughts on “Top 9 Blog Topic Ideas of All-Time

  1. Thanks for this article. I tried to create a couple of blogs, but didn’t have much time to grow and invest in them. My personal favorites are crypto blogs, as I think there are still some people that doesn’t understand block chain and how crypto works. I would like to create something like this one.

  2. Looking great work dear, I really appreciated to you on this quality work. Nice post!! these tips may help me for future.

  3. You can earn a lot of money writing about Bitcoin, cryptocurrency or blockchain technology. Everybody want to learn about that these days. You can find a subject to write about by following daily trends from the world of cryptocurrency.

  4. Whatever you write about add a cryptocurrency category. This is most trending topic. If you are not expert and your view about this topic is not that interesting, you can accept guest posting, or ask freelancer to do it for you

  5. I think i already wrote everything that a reader wants to read to grow their blog and iam looking for another topic to add on my blog. Your post gave me another things to talk about. Thank you Darrel for another great post.

  6. Hello Jim thanks for stopping by and adding value and your input to my website . And you definitely cant lose when you share your journey and your personal story to others. I am glad I was able to help you with some ideas and Im elated we have helped you to get on the right track. Keep me informed Darrell.

  7. Hi Darrell, thanks for the great insight and ideas. It is sometimes difficult to decide exactly what to blog about. There are definitely some things to think about but for me, my personal story is one that I have actually already began to blog on. I am deciding exactly what other topics I want to blog about knowing that it’s important as you say to be “pumped up” about it. In any case, thanks for some awesome ideas. This will get me on the right track!

  8. Hi Darrrel,
    You have shared a highly educative piece. The 9 point idea sources you have mentioned is inspiring and helpful.

    Thanks for sharing.

  9. Awesome D! You are indeed a Life changer. Keep shining. Very insightful info. I look forward to more.

  10. Hi,
    This article is so collect very productive information.It will be helpful for us.Thanks for collecting this information.
    Finally you done a great job

  11. Hi Darell,

    Here are a few other honorable mentions:

    inspirational/motivational posts, interviewing someone, write a list, share your goals/dreams publicly, case studies, write a post in response to some recent post/news, share your favorite blogs/bloggers in one post, Publish the best comments your blog has received throughout history, etc…

    If you run out of ideas, there are literally hundreds of creative ways to add good content to your blog.

    Thank you for your awesome tips!


  12. Tips, advice and other information regarding web design always come handy, so this is definitely a good topic area. Great tips!

  13. Hello Mr. Geek thanks for stopping by and I’m happy you found this post was of value. Take advantage of the list and use it as a blueprint. Again thanks for your comment and your participation.


  14. This is a pretty decent list for someone who is starting out in the business. I think most people would feel relieved to see something like this for the sake of having some sort of direction towards success. Nice post!

  15. Hey Darell,
    Really a great tutorial for the eye catching and most searched topics on google , Your ideas are really great to start up online, Your article will really help me to fetch some more interesting topics and ideas for online.
    Thanks for sharing

  16. Hello Darrell,
    Eye-catching topics of blogs, really these ideas will surly make your blog a success, Your articel will really help me and other bloggers to search out new topics or ideas like this.
    Thank you for sharing you article.

  17. Hello Karlo thanks for stopping by again and leaving your valuable feedback. I’m glad you enjoyed the post about top ideas and it helped you. Again thanks for your input have a super day.


  18. Hello,
    thank you for publishing a very informative article about top blog ideas. Everyone who is interesting in blogging should write about things that he has a passion for. I really like your article because your ideas are great. If blogger writes quality blogs regularly he can make a really good money from it.

  19. Hello Jojo glad we put you on the right track just do your own due diligence and I hope everything works out for you . Keep checking in with us here and have a super day.


  20. Hi,
    I find this very interesting. I have built a few websites but never a blog and I do find a blog an interesting way of writing and communicating with others as this is more personal than a website.
    The only thing I would have to figure out is what subject would suit me. You did put me on the right track so just need to do some thinking.
    Thank you.

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