3 Ways I Get Paid

  • banner1 On the internet 90% of all people that buy a product related to internet marketing at some point feel as though they have been “ripped off” or bamboozled.

That does not give the industry as a whole a good name and that doesn’t sit easy with me, so I decided to keep it real and let people know the real deal.

Have you heard?  About me.

This website is dedicated to showing the average joe some honest opportunities online.

How I make my $2500 a month but  you have to be driven and go all out for yourself and believe in yourself. Confidence is very important.  I DID IT  you can too!

  • ) Websites
  • ) Affiliate marketing   
  • ) Completing task  a.)Taking surveys  b.)Rating websites

The best way to make big cash online is to first get you a foundation or a web presence .

That is by getting a website then you have hosting that is where your website is stored and makes sure it serves quickly.

 The five things that make a website a quality site are:                                   

  • )Speed and Load time 
  • ) Professional Design and look    
  • )Easy To navigate quickly and efficient the people that visit your website.  
  • ) Uses A Content management  system     
  • ) Quality Website content       

You will be successful online if you do these 5 things.

Start today. You can build a free website right now by hitting this link

Its very important to use WordPress its the worlds most widely used framework In fact this website was built using WordPress, The benefits of using WordPress 

  • )Typically very easy to install and set up
  • ) No html ,no code, no need for some advanced
  • )Over 1,400 different website templates to choose from. 
  • ) One-click install, over 10,000 add on features and web functionality.

3 Ways I Get Paid

Now the best way I found out to make money online is affiliate marketing, don’t know what is, don’t feel bad I didn’t either guys, but affiliate marketing is a great program.

It provides those who want it with the means to set up their own home business.

As an affiliate you do work for another person but you are rewarded for your work .

The money you make is based on your individual performance not hourly, or salary, the harder you work the more money you make.

Everybody understands that  language    Affiliate marketing is a great way to start working for yourself and my #1 choice Wealthy Affiliate


If so,, you’re probably going to  want to check out the Wealthy Affiliate University

Myself,I have spent a lot of time inside this program,learned and developing content.

It has really taken me from just a desire to work online to a actual career.

Wealthy Affiliate has been around since 2005 and are known as Seo experts in the business,this means they can help you understand how to get your content to rank on google!

Thats why if you’re really interested in learning how to make a living online  my # 1 choice is clearly Wealthy Affiliate

With there level of support and training and ability to get a starter membership free makes it like nothing else I’ve come across on the web.

The best part about the Wealthy Affiliate University is the product stands for itself It’s something that is a positive benefit to others and adds value to their lives.

I find great satisfaction in saving others from the headache of scams and showing them how there is actual opportunity online.

Because if you have questions  or get brain cramps like I did you have other people on this site who will help you out  and give you that direction and that’s very important  when you know they have your back.

What I like about Wealthy Affiliate guys is they don’t sell hype and false promises, you don’t feel like someone is trying to bamboozle you.

However they do  teach, train and educate and support you if you really want  to start and run your business Wealthy Affiliate is the best place to start .

I’m not here trying to sale but I am here to inform you with clear and concise information  on what has worked for me .

Another thing I like about Wealthy Affiliate is they provide you with all the information and training you need to start and succeed that’s my online hangout so say hello sometime and Get started Today.

Its also known as the Facebook for online workers because you can communicate with all the members within the Wealthy Affiliate site can make friends and get great advice from them.

Once you have a great website and you are making great money in affiliate marketing guys its not gonna happen overnight took some time,just don’t give up stay with it. You are gonna need traffic.

Getting traffic to your site is the number one challenge that online marketers face. You can’t make sales if you cant get traffic to your offer.

So guys when I need real organic traffic these guys get me paid  rebrandabletraffic The next way I get paid is by doing surveys. Will you make big money?

Probably no but it can be a consistent passive income. If you have a computer and like giving your opinion, try doing online surveys from home.

Don’t expect to earn big money from taking surveys but it is possible to earn $50 to $800 in cash or free products.

The key is to sign up with several survey sites (which are all usually free to join).  The one I usually use is surveyspaid  THE TOP 10 UNITED STATES PAID SURVEY SITES

  • 1.Survey Savvy
  • 2.Opinion Outpost
  • 3.My Survey
  • 4.Inbox Dollars
  • 5.Harris Poll Online
  • 6.Pinecone Reseach
  • 7.Swagbucks
  • 8.Toluna
  • 9.Vip Voice
  • 10.Mintvine


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  6. I appreciate your saving me from a big hassle, I was just about to pay to learn about all these survey sites and you pretty much told me what some other company was trying to sell me in a report. I am glad I came across your article.

  7. Defintely worth the read here. I am glad I ran across your post. You have given me your honest opinion here and I have never seen anyone just lay out the truth like this. Very cool. You have helped saved me from spending on those ” so-called” opportunities and pointed me in the direction of the right ones.

  8. Wow, lots of great info here. Will definitely check out the survey sites you listed. I will also look at Wealthy Affiliate University. Thanks for the in depth research you have given

  9. Well thanks Mic for visiting my website and the kind words. Im hear to give everybody the real deal what has worked for me,remember Mic you only get out what you put in,I know you are just starting ,and I would highly suggest you check out the best place to learn about making money online and that is Wealthy Affiliate,Mic contact me at darrell@makingbigcashonline.com and I will point you in the right direction thanks a lot ,Darrell

  10. Those are some fine tips, man! Thank you for sharing! I’m only beggining my journey with online income and I’ve been looking for some good posts about it. Now I know what I need to do to make my website make money. Btw, your site is amazing!

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