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Top 9 Blog Topic Ideas of All-Time

Good morning from beautiful Urbandale, Iowa, it’s Darrell back at you for a weekend share. A huge shout out to my loyal readers (big cashers) nothing but love for ya !

For the last couple of weeks I have been getting hundreds of questions from my newer readers the most common question.

What topic should I  blog about ?

Guys this is the first and most important decision that every blogger must make. A great blog has to start with a topic. I have gathered in this post the top trending topics that most bloggers write about.

These following topics have demonstrated phenomenal success in the past and will continue to do so in the future.

Guys  my rule of thumb is to pick a topic that sparks your interest and gets you pumped up.

1. Secrets to Making Money Online

Almost everyone I know is interested in improving their lifestyle and living a better quality of life .  Whether it’s tips making money online or  How to Make Money on Ebay this Year or

How to Make Money with Clickbank! everyone wants to find the quickest shortcuts to making money online.


2. Your Personal Story

No matter if you’re from a small town in Nigeria or from the bright lights in New York City,everyone has a unique story to tell. Let your opinions be known the good and the bad. People love reading about what others have expierienced. Share your unique story.


3. Product Reviews

Because of the growth of the online market many people rely on product reviews to make their final decision.

This is a great topic to enter and write about the products you approve of and the ones not so great. If you want to monetize your blog instantly this is a smart move.


4. Productivity Tips

Time is the only thing we can’t get more of, making it more valuable than money.

Help people feel more productive write about time-saving tricks and give them reasons to help elevate your blog.

5. How to Guides

Wikihow became insanely popular on how to articles alone.

Writing ” how to” guides will not only elevate your reputation but it will expand your audience if they are written properly with all the information updated. The phrase “how to” is one of the most common search terms that is “googled” every day.

6. Travel

No matter how connected we get travel will always be a popular topic for online searches.  Americans have over 126 million passports  and most like traveling or want to travel.

7. Web Design

Help others who aren’t as technical. Websites are the top source for information. Share your knowledge on web design, themes and development.

8. Self-Improvement

Life for me has always been about improvement. I have learned  no matter where people are in life everyone wants to get better. So help them out guys with a self-improvement blog.

9. Advice

Life advice regardless of the subject matter is a valued commodity. Lifehacker became prominent by featuring valuable advice to readers on just about every subject.

IT’S a Wrap

Just a short weekend share for today. I hope this post answered some questions and you guys enjoyed “Top 9 Blog Ideas of All-Time ”

Remember to choose your topic as carefully as you would your girlfriend. Feel free to share  other great tips below in comments and make sure you share this post. Thanks and take care.




17 Inspirational Quotes ( my favorites)

Good morning everybody and a special shout out to my loyal readers ( big cashers) it’s Darrell back at you on a frigid March morning in Iowa with a short fun share.

Having a positive outlook on life is vital part of finding inspiration. Everyone has their favorite quotations that provide inspiration.

Some positive quotes can help you snap out your funk. I want to share 17 of my favorite inspirational life quotes that help me .

1.Do the work others aren’t prepared to do and receive what others will never have.

2. Money and success don’t change people they merely amplify what is already there.

3. Focus on your strengths manage your weaknesses.

4. The bigger the dream the harder the grind.

5. Stay on your hustle. You can’t fail until you quit.

6. He who is not courageous enough to take risks will accomplish nothing in life.

7. The sky isn’t the limit. The limit is your vision.

8. You can be whatever you are willing to struggle for.

9. If there is no struggle, there is no progress.

10. Keep your head up. God gives his hardest battles to his strongest soldiers.

11. I see it, I work hard. I grind till I own it.

12. Things will come to those who wait but only the things left by those who hustle.

13. Your only limit is You.

14. You can’t cheat the grind it knows how much you have invested it won’t give you anything you haven’t worked for.

15.Don’t expect people to understand your grind when God didn’t give them your vision.

16. Let them sleep when you grind. Let them party while you work. The difference will show.

17. An obstacle is often a stepping stone.

I hope you guys enjoyed these quotes they help me stay motivated on a daily basis. If you know any better ones feel free to share them with me in the comment section.

Make sure you share this post with your social media outlets. Thanks and take care.

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How to Start a Social Media Management Service and Prosper

Hello everybody and a huge shout out to my loyal readers ( big cashers ). It’s Darrell back at you  for a weekend share on a beautiful Saturday morning in Iowa.

Do you know me ?About Me

As you all know time is  a very limited commodity, 24 hours goes by like a flash of light when you’re a blogger and a social media management service owner like I have been the last 18 months.

For the last two weeks I have been working on freeing up some of my time.

And yesterday I finalized the sale of our social media service here at to my best friends Interactive Group for $ 65,000 cash and the assumption of certain liabilities, subject to the terms and conditions of the Definitive agreement .

This will definitely increase my down time and much needed relaxation.

In today’s post I’m writing how I got started and  I hope this will help my readers replicate this that’s why this post “How to Start a Social Media Management Service?”

Now Let’s Roll.

Having a strong social media presence is an important aspect for businesses these days. Social media is where a great number of people spend a huge part of their time. By having a strong social media presence businesses can quickly fall behind their competition.

Many businesses do not understand what they should  be doing in order to strengthen and enhance their social media presence.

They don’t know how to handle social media on their own, they screw up their efforts or they ignore social media entirely.

The other options for these businesses?

They can hire out their social media management to a person or company that knows how to handle social media successfully.

Read this useful post  10 Incredible tips to a Better Social Media

What does this mean for you ?

Well it means if social media is something you enjoy and are good at you can quickly and easily build a client base of your own– managing the social media elements of various small and midsize businesses.

Best of all because so much of social media can actually be automated this is not as large of a time commitment as most businesses think.

What you need to get started ?

All you really need in order to get started in this area of business is a lot of knowledge about social media and a strong sales pitch.

In a single day you could create a website on which you can promote yourself and then start finding small and mid-size businesses that seem to be lacking in their social media approach.

Start approaching these businesses with a brief outline of what they should be doing differently on social media and of how you can help them execute this plan.

How I did it  I offered a free consultation of a couple weeks of my social media service.

Once you turn this interest into  a conversion you will have a client who will pay you monthly to handle their social media — and you will then be able to schedule most of this social media activity in advance.

Read this  helpful and useful post  How to Start a Profitable Blog in 7 steps today

What your expectations should be

Depending on your hustle you could have a strong client list within a few short weeks. If you don’t want to do social media as your only  enterprise just pick up a few clients so you have time for other business ventures.

  • Keep learning the best thing you can do for yourself and your clients is to keep learning about the different social media marketing strategies.
  • Always prepare a contract between you and your client detailing the agreement you made. Be sure to mention what your responsibilities are and how much you’ll be paid and other stipulations such as what to do if a client fails to pay. That’s it.

Leave me some comments everybody. Would you consider starting a social media business? Let’s hear about it  and make sure you Share this post. Thanks and take care.

51 Ways to Increase Your Google Adsense Income !

Hello everybody and a special shout out to my loyal readers ( big cashers) it’s Darrell back at you on a beautiful sunny 54 degree February morning in Iowa.

The goal here at the cash blog is to be the best resource in the world on anything related to making money online.

I’ve been getting alot of questions from my readers the last couple of weeks asking me how can they make more money with their Google Adsense accounts.

That’s why today’s post “51 Ways to Increase Your Google Adsense Income.” If you haven’t been approved for Google Adsense read the post below.

Read this useful post  How to Get Approved for Google Adsense  and get paid!

Don’t  just read the following tips take the time to utilize them on your blog. A little extra effort could help you double or triple your total Adsense income .

1. Strictly  follow   adsense rules .

2.Choose high paying niche for your blog.

3.Find your keywords.

4. Check the keyword density you just selected

5. Placing ads on the top of a page is good.

6.Using images and text ads together is good.

7. Use non-standard types of ads.

8. Choose the right Adsense format for your blog.

9.Use Adsense for search

10. Use multiple ad units.

11. Change the color of your ads to match.

12.Use Adsense multiple Palettes

13.Use horizontal link units ( navber , Above posts )

14.Do occasional experiments with positioning of ads.

15.Ad placement

16. Avoid borders on the ads.

17.Turn low paying units into image only ads.

18.Promote your site with Google Adword

19. Reduce  total number of out going links on the page.

20.Create multiple ad banners.

21.Use all possible Adsense features available.

22. Choose the right ads for the content.

23.Make sure your ads are visible.

24. Use section targeting.

25.Your link units should be in hot spots where they can be seen easily by visitors.

26.Get targeted traffic.

27. Drive traffic to your blogs by SEO and backlinks.

28. Use  Adword tools to help your site.

29.Use Adsense channels to track performance.

30.Keep track of your ads.

31.Avoid made for Adsense sites.

32.Block low paying advertisers with competitive filters.

33.Don’t over block ads.

34.Use Adsensr preview tools.

35.For short articles place ads on top of the content.

36.For long articles place ads in in the middle of the content as well.

37.Avoid using common blog words

38.Do not set Google Adsense as  a secondary  ad option.

39. Publish fresh content.

40.Register on hubpages and use the same Adsense account.

41.Register on bukisa and use the same Adsense account.

43.Make use of Revenue sharing sites.

44. Join YouTube Partners.

45.Get rid of public see vice ads.

46.Avoid sponsored ads.

47. Another few places where you can place advertisement for better CTR

  • above the post
  • side bar banner
  • sidebar video unit


49. Ad placement at top of article header again have better Google  Adsense CTR.

50. If you are thinking only about revenue you can place advertisement between the content.

51. Google search for your website is also a good  idea to increase some more revenue and placing Google Search unit at the best visible place on your website would be a much better idea.


Adsense  can now be integrated with Analytics which will help you to track which page and which keyword is performing best for you.

That’s it for today guys just a short share.

Give me your thoughts and let me know what other topics you’d like me to cover.

I hope you enjoyed this post ” 51 Ways to Increase your Google Adsense income. ”

I would really appreciate it if you could take 2 seconds to share it. Not only will it help my blog to grow, it will put a big smile on my face for the rest of the day.

Thanks and take care.

31 Best Ways to Drive Insane Traffic in 2017

Hello everybody Darrell back at you for a weekend share. Over and over again my loyal readers ( big cashers ) ask me one question “how can I get more traffic  to my site ?”

So me and my team  here at the cash blog  came up with this post titled “31 Best ways to drive Insane Traffic in 2017.

Now guys for the last 6 months I have been implementing these following 31 strategies consistently. And it  has resulted in my alexa ranking go from 11,000,000 to 76,761

And  You can Improve too 

Rank in United States  United States Flag 76,761  

So Let’s Roll.


1. Make Your Blog Sticky

Sticky is a term that means you’re encouraging people to come back to or stay on your blog.  For example list recommended reading at the end of each blog or my  E-books with Resale Rights STORE.


2. Commenting

Leave constructive comments on other blogs. Commenting is a simple tool to increase your blogs traffic.  Respond  to comments left on your blog to show  your readers you care and value their opinions.


3. Generate Fresh Content

Without  well-written content your blog isn’t going anywhere. Keep your content new and engaging so that readers want to come back and visit to read all your post.

Read this fun and helpful post 13 Beneficial tips to make Your Content Pop

4. Promote Other Bloggers

Promote other bloggers in your articles then ask them to share the article with their social media followers. Link out to others in your post and they will take notice of you.


5.Work on Your Headlines

Your headlines are what will get people in the door especially when you share your blog on social media. Make sure you spark interest and clearly articulate the benefits to your readers.

Read this useful post   How to Write Headlines like a Professional


6.Create Infographics

Make amazing infographics that are visually appealing and make sure the infographics  have links back to your site.

7.Keep Your Readers Coming Back

Try to get your readers to keep coming back extend your reach outside of simple blog posts. This helps you reach a larger audience who like other forms of content.

Ways to extend your reach :

  • Sending out newsletters
  • Hanging around industry forums
  • Using videos


11.Start a Twitter Chat

it’s a great way to engage with your readers and build your Twitter presence.

Read this  helpful post 7 clever ways to Increase Your Twitter followers

12.Start Your own Podcast

Start your own podcast it’s not as hard as you think. Make sure you interview influencers in your niche and grow your brand.


13. Syndicate blog post to other popular sites.

Promote your blog to sites that syndicate others content, self promote like your hair is on fire. The cash blog is syndicated to a number of popular sites  Blog engage , Social Media Today and  Kingged.


14. Backlinks

By linking to relevant articles you get traffic to old posts This helps new readers who haven’t read them.


Successful blogging takes more than just great content. Even if you have a top quality blog, you can’t expect everyone to come unless you promote your content like your hair is on fire.

These  17 sites will help you drive traffic and increase your following. Sign up immediately

  • Co Promote
  • Viral Content Bee
  • Babbly
  • Empire Kred
  • Biz Sugar
  • Blog Engage
  • Blokube
  • Kingged
  • Klinkk
  • Amplify Blog
  • Google + Communities
  • Facebook Groups
  • Linked In
  • Reddit
  • Quora

That’s it  everybody. I sincerely want to thank you for reading this article and helping us to celebrate our 135th published piece of content and we are so thankful for you ,shares likes retweets and comments.

I hope you enjoyed  ” 31 Best  Ways to Drive Insane Traffic in 2017 ” make sure you Share this post.




21 Smart Tips to Elevate Your Facebook Live Broadcast

Good morning everybody and a special shout out to my loyal readers ( big cashers). It’s Darrell back at you .

I just got back in from my vacation from sunny St. Croix U.S Virgin Islands to rainy  cold Urbandale Iowa. Ugh ! Let’s Roll.

Have you  heard ?  About me.

I have been getting a lot  of questions and comments the last couple weeks about Facebook Live and how it’s helping bloggers outreach so I’m really happy and proud of you guys.

There was a time when broadcasting live video meant you were one of the “big dogs” or  you had deep pockets.

But things have changed in the blogosphere with the likes of Twitter’s Periscope and Facebook’s Facebook Live. These days you can reach millions from your smartphone or computer live…….. instantly.

In this post I’ve researched and come up with ” 21 Smart Tips to Elevate Your Facebook Live Broadcast”.

1. Know Your Strategy

Why are you doing a video with Facebook Live ?  Because it’s Fun   Well cool ! (just make sure you know WHY !)

It could be to connect better with your audience or a way to reach your Facebook fans more quickly know your strategy, do your thing with your live videos and achieve your goals.

2. Familiarize yourself with the platform

If you have never used Facebook Live before take time to understand it. It’s not complicated make sure you’re familiar with the layout and features.

Definitely know how to navigate everything because if you don’t it will impact the quality of your stream.

Read this useful post 31 tips to get more Facebook Likes


3. Choose a Descriptive Headline or Title

You definitely want to capture as many viewers attention so that they will want to engage with you. The title should inform visitors what to expect.

Check this useful post out I read in   Social Media Examiner  one of my go-to sources.

4. Inform people ahead of time when you will be broadcasting

Build excitement and anticipation by informing people when you’ll be broadcasting live.


In internet marketing for years now e-books have been used as the main tool to get people to subscribe to your  email.

Introducing our E-books with Resale Rights STORE   Your Leadmagnet Solution



5. Make a plan

Know what you will do during the broadcast and what you will talk about. A structured stream is easier and definitely leads to better content.

Read this helpful post  14 Simple tips to a better social media strategy


6. Stick to your plan

You might feel tempted to wing it, change or extend your plan during the broadcast but guys stick to your game plan.


7. Be frequent and  consistent

Like anything else the only way to get better and improve is to keep doing them, learn from your mistakes and your brand will become more visible.

Read this useful post Video Testimonials its a ………..No brainer

8. Promote it

Promote your live video through Facebook ads, through your social accounts and with the help of your followers.

9. Broadcast your Live video at the best time

Because I average  1200 visitors a day I’m able to get a decent audience at most times of the day but there are certain times that will work better.

10. Syndicate your live video feed

If you own  multiple Facebook fan pages there is a tool called Live Leap that makes it possible to go live on all of your pages and  Facebook groups at the same time.

11.Engage with live viewers

Be sure to engage any live viewers whether it’s giving them a shout out when they join or answering their questions in the chat.

To be able to ask viewers questions and get immediate feedback is really cool.

12. Selfie sticks and iPhone stabilizers

Using a selfie stick or a smartphone stabilizer will greatly increase the stability and quality of your videos and make your broadcast much more professional.

13. Be  Aware of your audio quality

Stay in a quiet area when you broadcast. These days people expect and demand great audio quality. An external microphone will greatly improve the audio quality of your live broadcast.

14. It’s really important to signal right from the beginning of your live video that you want to engage.

  • Greet people who comment by name inject  your personality (let it shine).
  • Ask your readers where they’re watching from  ( send them a shoutout).
  • Be ready to talk about who you are and how’s your life going.
  • Have some questions to ask your viewers . Have a question and answer session.


19.Ask those watching to share  ( call to action)

Ask those watching to share your video. This will help you reach more people. They can share it to their personal profile or a page.

20. Have people follow your page

One call to action that is worth doing is to call people to follow your page. I usually do it at the end of a video.

21. Be Your Authentic Self (no matter how weird or nerdy)

Nobody likes phony people. Be warm, down to earth and relatable, show your personality. That’s what Facebook Live is all about.

Follow these 21 tips everybody you will feel empowered, like a Lion among sheep.

Bonus tip:   Stay Positive

That’s  gonna be it for today everybody just a short share. That’s 21  smart tips that will help you elevate your Facebook Live  broadcast immediately.

What Facebook Live  broadcast tips do you have? Let me know ,leave comments below and don’t forget to recommend my post to friends and family.

And don’t forget to share this post. Stay positive.    Thanks and have a great week


Digital Altitude Review : Opportunity or Scam ?

Good morning everybody , Darrell back at you on a cold January morning in Iowa.

Have you heard ?About Me

For the last couple of weeks I have been getting  tons of questions and comments from my readers about Digital Altitude, that’s the reason for today’s post titled “Digital Altitude Review : Opportunity or Scam ? ”

This is the first review  this year and  I had to dig and research all the good and bad about Digital  Atitude just for you guys.

The internet has made the world smaller. It’s provided us with information at our finger tips, entertainment and if you got skills or smarts a way to make money.

Let’s keep it real trying to land a legitimate work at home job can be like trying  to keep up with 9 pair of  socks in a laundry  bag it’s damn near impossible.

This Digital Altitude review will give you all the facts so that you can make a decision on your own.


Name :        Digital Altitude

Official Website :  http:

Founder:      Michael Force

Price :          $ 37/ month starting

Founded :   2016

Rating:    1/10


What is Digital Altitude ?

This is nothing more than an online training course ( hence the name) on how to market your product/network marketing business.

Digital Altitude was created by Michael Force , former Empower Network Producer with a history of scam reports  ( ) now defunct.

It is a high ticket MLM Pyramid scheme that teaches you the best ways to target unsuspecting and naive opportunity seekers and convince them that a membership in Digital Altitude will make them rich.

Members  are called Affiliates and receive a commission for every new member they recruit into this scheme. At the same time, Affiliates are building their downline of affiliates three tiers deep.

The only purpose of Digital Altitude is to recruit as many new members as you possibly can and build a huge team of affiliates.

Read this useful post  Avoid Online Scams.

In internet marketing for years now e-books have been used as the main tool to get people to subscribe to your  email.

Introducing our E-books with Resale Rights STORE   Your Leadmagnet Solution



How does Digital Altitude Work?

They give you a $1,fourteen day trial,which is nothing more than a good way to collect some of your personal data , most importantly, your credit card information. Other than that you’ll get to watch a long sales video, geared to convince you to join as a paying member.

It will cost you $17 per month to become an affiliate. At that point you are called an Aspire member, and you will have access to some training videos and a life-time coach.

The coach is supposed to guide you through the pyramid but the main purpose is to get as much of your hard earned money as possible. They are not really coaches but highly trained salespeople to close deals.

There are THREE Aspire levels with different cost, different commission payouts and different training levels. They drip feed your training for one reason.

“You want us to teach you more you have to pay more”

Just so you know here at  the cash blog    we run honest real, authentic reviews that maintain integrity. Our number one focus is giving you guys, quality and informative reviews, a paycheck will never influence the reviews here.



  • Great training
  • Awesome themes
  • Fundamental principles to someone new to marketing
  • Access to a coach



  • High priced products
  • Requires recruiting
  • Very risky
  • No inventory


The Digital Altitude Products

There are 5 high ticket products they call them memberships

1. Aspire $37 or $67/ month

2.The Base Membership : $ 595 one-time payment

3. The Rise Membership : $ 1997  one-time payment

4.The Ascend Membership : $ 9997 one-time payment

5.The Peak Membership : $ 16,997 one-time payment

6.The Apex Membership : $27,997 one-time payment


Is Digital Altitude a Scam?

I can tell you that it is definitely not a scam. In the world of online marketing all it takes is for you to have some type of product and you will be legit. Whether it’s a crappy product or digital product you will be given the green light.  other  strange things about Digital Altitude

a.) You have to pay a monthly fee to be an affiliate

b.) You have to purchase  the product you want to promote.

c.)You only get commission for the level you are a member

d.) If you don’t recruit you don’t make money  You have to target “dream chasers”

e.) If your coach helps your commission gets cut !


Is Digital Altitude Legit ?

In regards to the legitimacy of MLM schemes the law is vague and not well written. However

If the main income is derived from recruiting new members then the operation is ILLEGITIMATE.



Digital Altitude will teach you some marketing strategies that could be very useful in an online business.

They cover email marketing,  how to create sales funnels , how to get traffic, but at a ridiculous price tag.

Most of this information can be found on the internet for free. Digital Altitude is selling some expensive dreams if you are wise you will stay away from them.

Personally I can not recommend Digital Altitude. I don’t see this as a great way to make money online.

If you are a beginner trying to find a way to get started in online marketing. I suggest you check out  My # 1 Recommendation and sign up where I got started and was able to build a sustainable business that makes me a full-time income.

I am not saying this is the right thing for you, that’s for you to decide but take at least a look and it won’t cost you a dime.

That’s all for today I hope you enjoyed reading  ” Digital Altitude Review: Opportunity or Scam ? as much as I enjoyed writing it.

I would love to hear your opinions about it leave your comment below and please share this post with your friends and family. Thanks Y’all.

7 Work from home Scams to Avoid in 2017

Good morning everybody and a special shout out to my loyal readers (big cashers)   and my 15,000 Twitter followers . ” Love Y’all ”  It’s a beautiful sunny  morning here in Iowa.

In case you are thinking who the hell are you,lol you can learn more about me read my article About Us

Today’s post is about scammers. And take it from me I grew up in Chicago, seen busloads of them keep your guard up guys  scammers work 24/7.  Let’s get to the post titled “7 work from home scams to AVOID  in 2017.

On the internet 90% of all people that buy a product related to internet marketing at some point feel as though they have been “ripped off” or bamboozled.

That does not give the industry as a whole a good name and that doesn’t sit easy with me, so I decided to give everyone a heads up and inform them what  scams to look out for this year.

7 work from home Scams to Avoid in 2017

When I need to know what’s happening in Lagos I check out my friend Linda Ikejiis blog

1. Letters from Nigeria

Also called the 419 scam ( that refers to Nigeria’s Criminal code dealing with fraud )  A email arrives from a man claiming to be a high-ranking civil servant of Nigeria.

Who writes that he is looking for a reputable foreigner with whom he can deposit up to $60 million for safe keeping while he deals with some dangerous political strife.

In return for providing a safe haven in your bank account, the thief promises to give you 30% of the money.Of course you will be required to  cough up a deposit so that you have a stake in this business venture.

When your Nigerian friend later claims something has gone wrong he will ask for additional funds. Of course he supposedly has millions of dollars to start with.

The email may claim that you are eligible to receive a hefty inheritance from a wealthy and recently deceased diplomat.

Yes,confirms the Federal Trade Commission  ………  PEOPLE  do fall for this !

Read this helpful post  Is Swisscoin really a freakin Scam ?


2. Assembly work or piece work

You are promised so much for each piece of jewelry,toy or craft you assemble that meets their “specifications”.

However you have to buy all the materials upfront and they rarely pay for any of the finished product because they rarely meet their “specifications”

Some of the best reviews on the internet are on Eddy’s blog   work at home no scams.


3.Craig List Ads

Many scam artist use Craig’s List as a way to take advantage of people. If you are job searching DO NOT give out personal information without verifying the company’s information and meeting in person first.

Never give out your drivers license number, social security number or agree to a credit or background check without knowing the company and if the job offer is legitimate.

Do your research look for the company’s website. If they have one does it appear legitimate?

Read this thorough post about scams   Avoid Online Scams


4. Check cashing

Scammers recruit U.S agents – dubbed “financial managers to cash counterfeit checks (or deposit stolen funds ) for a small commission and then wire that money abroad.

By the time the bank realizes the checks are bogus (two to five days later ) the money’s been sent and the unsuspecting intermediary is left holding the bag.

Read this  serious post  Report Scams

5.Re-shipping scheme

Scammers buy goods online with stolen credit cards, have them then shipped to “reshippers” who for a fee  repackage the goods and send them to a P.O box usually in another state or country. Guess who gets caught when the authorities try to trace  that stolen credit card?


In internet marketing for years now e-books have been used as the main tool to get people to subscribe to your  email.

Introducing our E-books with Resale Rights STORE   Your Leadmagnet Solution


6. Name compiling

For just a “$ 30 “registration fee” someone will pay you 75 cents for every name and address you send in.

Victims gather as many names and addresses of friends and relatives as possible, expecting to cover the registration fee within a day.

You know what the scammer does with those addresses, right? Yup: He sends the exact same offer to them. And when the scheme is exposed? You’re left with dirty hands.

Read this interesting post about Scams from  Forbes

7. Dial-a-scammer

Scammers use 1-900 numbers to push bogus work at home jobs. Just call the 1-900-number for “more information”.

While you wait on hold you’ll rack up hefty charges, which the scammer splits with the phone company.

Catch and report the scam,like a chess match the bad guy simply moves to a different name and number.

Well that’s it for today . I hope you share this post and recommend us to your friends.  Do you have  anything to say regarding the topic?

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How to Find the Right Keyword for your Website

Good morning everybody and a special shout out to my loyal readers. Darrell back at you.  I Feel Good ! I finally got my SSL certificate  and updated web master tools with the new sitemap.

So when you guys buy e-books from my store. rest assured everything is 100% secure lock and barrel.

The last couple of weeks I have been getting lots of questions about keywords  from alot of  newer bloggers. So hopefully this post titled “How to find the right keyword for your website.” will point you in the right direction.

One of the most important things when it comes to creating a website is how to find the best keywords for your website.

What is a website keyword?

Keywords are phrases that people use everyday when they look for certain information on the internet  or what a prospective customer is thinking when they look for your product or services.

Read some of the best  SEO and  keyword related post  at  Search engine Journal.

Why are keywords important in research ?

Google understands phrases that people use when they are searching for something. In 75% of cases specific searches with more than three words were used. The more specific and longer the Keyword the stronger it will be.

Keywords have to be meaningful, spelled correctly  and they also have to be grammatically correct. Use great keywords and you will get more search engine traffic.

The right keywords will drive targeted web traffic to your site for FREE. If done correctly the right keywords can skyrocket you to huge success online.

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How to search for keywords for a website?

Finding keywords is essential. My method is a combination of “Alphabet soup” and   Jaaxy keyword tool. When conducting keyword research incorporate queries that are more relevant to voice search.

Voice search will definitely continue to become more important with Google Answers and the mobile-friendly index.

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What is a keyword research tool?

The best research tool is  Jaaxy. When I use the Alphabet soup , I find the most interesting phrases Google suggest. Then put those phrases in tools and get information on the number of searches and other competing websites

I then decide what words I should use in my post.

Well just a short Sunday morning share with you guys more so for the newer bloggers. Leave  me some comments and tell me what you think.

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33 High End Affiliate Programs to Promote right Now !

High end  affiliate programs = big money for you ! (Just look at that green)

Hello everybody especially the ( big cashers)  Darrell back at you on a rainy chilly morning in Iowa.  Quite a few of you guys have been asking me what are the best paying affiliate programs.

So hopefully today’s post will not only answer that question but get you fired up and get some of this $ 7 billion dollar affiliate marketing money.

Today’s post titled ” 33 High-end  Affiliate programs to promote right now”.

Remember it takes as much time,  energy and effort to promote a $ 30,000 golf simulator as it does my $2.99 e-books

So it’s common sense to promote as many high end products as possible so you can make those huge commissions like my man Stuart from from

1. Villiers Private Jet Charter  $ 244 commission per booking     click here Villiers Affiliate program .


2. Regal Assets Program

 When people invest in gold, silver or platinum they invest with huge money like 5 and 6 figures. The average transaction at Regal Assets ranges between $ 20,000 to $ 85,000.    To apply for this program   click here and get approved.


Stop Making $30
Commisions & Start Making
$30,000+ For Referring ONE SALE.



Direct ownership of gold and silver     To Join there affiliate program.

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4. Orient Express Luxury Trains and Hotels

They have a very  good  program.  Click here apply and Get started.


African safari and travel company with up to 30% commissions and has a 1 year cookie. A single sale can net as much as $ 350 in commissions.

In internet marketing for years now e-books have been used as the main tool to get people to subscribe to your  email.

Introducing E-books with Resale Rights STORE   Your Leadmagnet Solution


6.Exotissmo Travel

A South East Asia based tour company with 90 day cookies and will pay you even for enquiries where no sale is made.     Sign up via Share a Sale

7. Tour Radar Adventure Tours

Paying 50% on confirmed bookings of average $ 2,000 sale makes this a very great affiliate program. Click here to register.

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8. Travel Payouts    60-70% per sale    $ 9 per airplane ticket    $ 20 per hotel booking     Click to apply.

9. Walt Disney World

Flights and hotel = 3% Travel packages  can quickly add up  to $ 5k – $ 10 k   click here and apply.

10. Hotel Travel Check       $ 250 hotel referred

11. Tourguate     8% commissions 


Promoting e-commerce platforms as an affiliate can be very lucrative.


12. Shopify

They pay up to $358 per sale and 200% commissions or more if you send high volumes of targeted traffic.   Click here to apply.

13. Finest Shops               $150 for every referral


14. Dropship Access       $73 for every subscriber or $173 for enterprise subscriber    click here to apply.


The Home security niche is a $42 billion dollar niche and growing


15. Add Home Security      $ 125 -$ 165 per sale      

16. Spytechs           15% lifetime commission on every purchase    Click and apply.


17.Grasshopper Phone System

Designed for businesses to get a toll free phone number that can be forwarded to any phone in the world.   $ 100 per order.       click here to apply.


18. Cyberghost Vpn                     50% lifetime commissions           click to apply.



They are one of the best affiliate programs in the invest niche. They enable trading of U.S stocks,Forex, Futures, Options and Indexes.    click here to apply.

20. U.S Medical Supplies

They are among the highest paying  medical affiliate programs. You can make huge money when visitors buy one of their home medical or mobility items. They pay 10% commission on orders $ 999 12% on orders higher than $1000     click and apply here.


21. Medical Depot     

They also pay 10% of all orders                apply here today.


22. Sell

Is well known when it comes to health and wellness programs. The commissions range from $ 150 to $ 350 per sale. 

23. TRAChealth

They have a great affiliate program there commission is between 45%-50% each order is around $ 200 per sale. They have nutritional products,antioxidants,chai seeds, and others. click to apply.

24.     7% commission   Chair prices go up to $ 6,000     Apply here.

25. Elite massage chairs    $  200 commission on every sale.        click to apply.


Golf as we know you have to  have alot of money it is a rich man’s game.


26. ProTee Indoor Golf Simulator     10% of simulators that cost over $ 30,000   click to apply.

27.Proputt Systems   Commissions average $300  click to apply.


28. Purepoint instructions    50% commission on average video of $ 50   apply here.


Watches and Jewelers can be very lucrative to promote

29. James Allen Jeweler     5% commission on an average item cost of $ 3,000        click here to apply.

30.The Watchery      10% commission on watches costing up to  $ 10,000        click to apply.


31. Rokstok               10% of all finished jewelry they specialize in custom wedding and engagement rings. The average order is $ 4,000          click here.

Brain supplements are big business so be smart and promote it


32. Simple smart science     30% lifetime commissions        click here.


33.Cerebral success          30% commission on all sales        click here to apply

For more reading about affiliate marketing I suggest this post by



Well that’s going to be it for today everybody let me know if you have ever promoted these 33 high end affiliate marketing programs.

I would highly encourage you to use these sites I have a  couple of personal friends who are crushing it with  “the watchery”.  Please recommend   this blog to your friends and family. Spread the word about the cash blog.

Let me know what’s on your mind. What  kind of articles  are  you expecting in 2017? What’s happening in your neck of the woods?

Well I’m getting ready to stuff my belly and have a   greasy  cheeseburger. Y’all take care.