Best Ways to Increase Your Website Traffic

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Getting traffic to your website is the #1 challenge that online marketers face.Learn how to get traffic to your website or blog using proven SEO techniques.

As you know,you can”t make sales if you can’t get traffic to your offer. Hi there I’m Darrell from an although I wouldn’t call myself a guru by any means.

Have you heard ?  About Me.

I have learned a great deal about how to get traffic for your website and can teach you something.

I get most of my post to rank in the first few pages of Google and over 85% of my traffic comes from organic  traffic

If you’re not familiar with the term “organic searches or organic traffic” this means that the traffic is coming from people who are searching for something specific,using search engines like Google,Yahoo and Bing.
This is Free Traffic-This is what You Want for your website.Paid traffic is referred to as PPC,or payperclick (Google Adwords/BingAds).

You can advertise also on Facebook. Today lets focus on how to get traffic for your website using sound,reliable search engine optimization techniques that will provide you with fast and long term ranking


1.)In the title to your post/page/article—-mine would be


2.As your Url———-in my case it will be:

3.Naturally mention the exact keyword phrase within the first 156 characters of your opening paragraph.

4.Place the same phrase 1x as one of your major headlines/headers H1,H2,or H3

5.Add the keyword phrase if it naturally fits,within Alternative text section within your photos

6.Within the last 156 characters of your last paragraph.

7.And wherever on the article that your keyword phrase naturally fits.


After that don’t focus on keywords at all just write quality content with the intention of helping your readers. Focus your content on your website/audience Do not try to stuff your keyword phrase within your article if it  doesn’t make sense.

STEP #2  How  To Write Quality Content

Writing quality content can be tricky at first,but the key is to try to express yourself clearly and write how you naturally speak.

Use good grammar,use your personality and most of all write with the intention of helping people.



1.Update the major search engines(Google,Yahoo,Bing) that your content has been posted.

2.Share your content to a social bookmarking site.This will give your post added exposure and  increased traffic. Only post to one social bookmarking site per post. Social bookmarking sites to start off with include,,

3.Share your content Socially-Facebook/Facebook Groups Google Plus,Linked In and Twitter Start building your Social profiles so that every time you publish new content,you send it to your social sites Offer to comment on their site. Then make a quality comment about their post,leave your post and ask them to kindly return the favor.

4.Send a message to your emailing list.–Your message doesn’t have to be fancy just a quick note that you have put out new content and would love to get any feedback,comments or social shares on it.

5. If you have a few dollars pay for a little advertising thru Google adwords,BingAds or Facebook.

6. Try to create at least two internal links(from other post on your website) to the post you just created. This will show search engines that you are an authority in your niche.

7.Make sure you have 1-2 external links to authoritative websites like or

I hope everybody enjoyed “Best Ways to Increase Your Website Traffic.”

In conclusion:

If these strategies listed above are applied,you will see your content rank quickly. As your website grows by adding consistent weekly  content to it your traffic will grow.


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As a blogger,my main goal is to reach others with my article and try to help people who can relate to my experiences.

And as you know sharing to your favorite social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter,really help spread the word around. I thank you for your time and share,Darrrell





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  2. Very well said as usual Darrell!

    And I love where you shared, how your study time
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    Thanks for sharing your excellent “how to” tutorial. You laid out exactly
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