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macbook-577758_1920 The Importance of Relevant Comments on Your Site

The most important social elements of blogs and websites are comments.
Not just any comments but relevant comments that provide feedback to a post,article, video or other content.
Interesting comments added to your content will add “social buzz” to your site.

Sometimes the comments can even grow to be more interesting than the content itself!
When people see relevant comments surrounding your content it will usually arouse their interest.
Comments are like magnets; they attract more comments over time creating a snowball effect.

This makes your site more popular not only in the eyes of web visitors, but also in the eyes of search engines like Google,Yahoo and Bing.

8 Benefits of Relevant Comments On Your Website

1.Traffic-Relevant comments from different people provide a fresh source of real unique traffic to your site.

2.SEO- Relevant comments are great for search engine optimization-especially being that many comments will naturally contain relevant keywords related to your content.

Real visitors on your site interacting with your content will naturally lower your bounce rate,improve time on site and all those other important user behavior metrics that are vital for good SEO.

3.SocialProof- Relevant comments add life to your content. They provide the social proof that people need to see to help them believe in your content.

4.Conversions-Relevant comments can increase your conversions-whether you want more sales,more leads or more followers. Especially from people who need a little convincing.

5.Traffic Rankings-Relevant comments from real visitors will help boost your traffic rankings if they come from different IPs.

6.Popularity-Relevant comments help build your online community and in turn increases your popularity. When people see a stream of interesting comments on your site they say,”Hey this is where it’s at,I want to join in”.

7.Added Value-Relevant comments add value to your content.Content with a empty comment box at the end looks real bad. When you add relevant comments your site will come to life.

8.Authority-A good steady stream of relevant comments on your site will position you as an authority in your field-not only in the eyes of Google but most importantly the people

Are you tired of spam and/or generic interaction on your blog post ?  I’m here to help.

I will write 20 quality comments based on your contents/articles description on your blog. Each one will be at least 50 words, unique and look genuine so it helps you to gain interest of users about article.

Also if you need Traffic to your website, I will manually post your Url  to different sites of your choice.

What you will expect from me?

  • Best delivery time (2 days)
  • I will read 20 of your blog, FB and You Tube entries and leave 20 well written thoughtful comments.
  • I will actually read each post! This boosts your “Time Spent on Site.”
  • I can also post using Facebook or any social media of your choice.

Your Satisfaction Is Our # 1 Priority

Get Started Now! Get the Social Traffic You Need to Boost Your Site!

Why Choose Us !

Hear  what  small-biz owner Ray Vandenberg said about my content creation and social media management service.

It’s  real simple

  • We are reliable
  • We are quality
  • We understand this business
  • We use multiple IPs for better SEO and traffic rankings
  • We provide relevant comments
  • We are the Best

How many comments will you get?  How many 700 word premium articles do you need?
Contact or email me via the contact form and order below


If you have a specific request use contact me page or

5 thoughts on “Blog Comment Service +

  1. Thanks Ryan I am glad me and my team was able to help you and your business. That’s what we are here for,to help businesses become more effective and efficient. Great to hear from you and I look forward to helping you in the future. Darrell

  2. Hi Darrell, your blog comment service ROCKS.
    Not only is all the comments unique, they are all optimised to rank help boost my web page ranking.

    My web page went from ranking on page 3 to page 1 in just 1 weeks after receiving all the comments and I am now receiving a lot more enquiries and sales over my website.

    Thank you so much for the effective and efficient service that you provide. I will come back for more!

  3. Hello Ryan thanks for stopping by and I’m glad you do like the service offered here.

    I was offering comments on fiver and decided to launch my own blog comment service.

    We offer a wide range of packages our 250 post for $119 being one of our largest.

    Just comments will not get you ranked with google Ryan,I will refer you to Wealthy Affiliate live chat room and they will give you an informed answer.

    Thanks for stopping by and I will be looking for your future business when you need some relevant,quality comments to get the social traffic you need to boosts your site!

    Take care Ryan,

  4. I really like the service offered here. I have never come across a company offering page comments before.
    The cost involved sounds reasonable enough.Do you offer more paid comments or is it only 20 per site?
    How many comments does your page need before it gets ranked with Google? Thanks

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