Clickbank University REVIEW


Clickbank is a huge market place where product designers and internet
marketers can sell and promote digital information products.

You can sign up with your own product to sell or as a internet marketer that promotes products already in the Clickbank market place.

So I’m sure you guys are wondering how Clickbank Compares against the

Clickbank University REVIEW

Name: Clickbank University

Cost: $1 Trial Offer $47 per month $297 per year

Owners: Justin Allen and Adam Horitz

Rating: 8/10

Who owns Clickbank University and how long has it been around? CBU is relatively new it was started by Justin and Adam in 2014 and has been a huge success.

I will be showing you CBU is such a success and looking at the pros and cons of the course.

Although CBU is NOT a scam,it does have a few downsides. If you are looking for a top line product that teaches you how to earn a consistent income online without the need to create a product,then check out this free course

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Who Is Clickbank University Meant For?

The Clickbank University course is designed to educate the newbie or veteran alike on how to generate money through the creation of digital information products and selling those products online.

The main thing to keeping mind is-if you’re a specialist in a given area then CBU could be the place to help you create your digital product and take it to market.

Once you start learning to market your given product you will undoubtedly start gathering knowledge on becoming a top-level affiliate marketer. Read more about the Top 4 Affiliate Programs

CBU teaches strategies that are tailored to use within the Clickbank marketplace but the positive thing here is that the same strategies can be taken and used elsewhere.

My #1 top product of choice offers 7 day Free trials

If you are dead set on signing up with CBU then the best approach is to start with the $47 per month per month membership for access to the whole course and see whether it suits your style of learning.

If you opt for the yearly membership of $297 (=upsell of$97)then do so only if

a.)You are happy with the course and how it is structured.
b.)You want to save money by buying yearly.

As mentioned earlier,Clickbank University is legit but personally I feel there are other competing products that provide more resources and services for the same money. It depends on your preference.

What type of training is provided?

Even though the course is mainly for newbies,many accomplished marketers have been known to sign up for the course,and hive given positive reviews.

Making money online is a constantly changing process and the learning never stops. Techniques that were used a few years ago will most likely be outdated today.

Click bank University does a good job at keeping their course up to date with new internet and search engine updates.


1.An abundance of Video Training to help you get started.

2.Access to Live weekly seminars.

3.Adam and Justin (the owners) don’t just preach their methods,they use them and interact with the community.

4.Reliable customer support when needed.

5.The Clickbank U course is a good starting point for newbies.

6.60 Day money back guarantee.


1.Weekly lesson restriction prohibits you from moving on if you complete the lesson sooner

2.Interaction within the community could be better.

3.You will have to pay more cash for building your website and hosting.

4.Training could be better for SEO,keyword search and other marketing techniques.


The Clickbank University course is put together very well and can help you to start making money online.Before I started my blog, I did research on products that could teach me and support me.Clickbank U. finished in my top 3 programs.

But my #1 work from home university which includes all the Clickbank U features and more plus it didn’t charge extra for website creation and hosting.

At Clickbank U. they assume that students have prior knowledge and they speed through sections that newbies could find hard to comprehend.

CBU needs to beef up their SEO material,SEO is a part of marketing that is essential if you want to be successful at selling your products online.

The pricing could be better. I think the price should be more in line with rival products which include website building and hosting in the monthly cost.

The Clickbank U. course is phenomenal and you can see that the owners are genuine. Click bank U. IS NOT a scam.Both students and experienced affiliates have made positive reviews about the course.

Thanks for stopping by.Let me know if you have used Clickbank U. before and how it worked out for you.
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