When it comes to creating a website the question that most people ask is”Should I buy my own domain?

Hi there I’m Darrell from and today I’m just going to give you the lowdown on domains.

This article is basically for my newbies,so let’s get started. A domain is a unique name that identifies a website.

A domain name can be anything you want it to be.

This is the foundation of what you want to build on the internet,how you want to represent yourself,so people can relate  to you and know that you are real and keep it Real at all times.

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Now on buying your own domain that’s a personal decision you have to make.

There is one you can have made thru siterubix so you don’t have to buy your own. Personally I bought my domain from namecheap for under $15 year.

There are many benefits to owning your own  domain.

With you owning it yourself you can feel proud of your very ownspace on the internet.

Like all successful brands online it starts with a domain name.

Hey guys,I want y’all to do me a favor and thats



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and if you own it much more credibility and a feeling of quality to you. And as you build up your asset ( website) it will grow more in value.

WHERE TO BUY YOUR OWN DOMAIN? When buying your own domain there are many places you can go to on the internet. I personally got my domain for $15 a year at namecheap

. Also name cheap doesn’t have  any of the up-sells that can get annoying real fast.If you get a domain from name cheap use my referral link.  Both namecheap and go daddy are really good sites and have great support.

Wealthy Affiliates the best internet business training website on the internet recommends both of these sites.

When it comes to domains its a very important step to watching your website increase in value.Its a personal decision on whether to do a free one or buy your own,your business or website will be more credible with your own website.

You can learn more about domains and domain names on Wealthy Affiliate. I highly recommend everyone to  take a look at at it,its free and it has TOP quality training and information on making your site bring in revenue.

THE     10     BEST     “FREE     DOMAIN     NAME”     PROVIDERS    

                                        1.)Siterubix     2.)Sitebuilder     3.)     4.)Sitey     5.)   6.)Sitelio      7.)Ideahost     8.)Squarespace     9.)1 and 1     10.)Webs  

 If you need a domain name then we recommend getting one free with your web host or website building provider. Once you have chosen your domain name you will need a website and require hosting


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  1. Thanks for stopping by my website Mattie Donovan,and yes Wealthy Affiliate is very reasonably priced,they have a free starter membership available,I would highly suggest you check them out and take advantage of this opportunity and thank you for stopping by

  2. Well hello Amanda,thanks for stopping by Please allow me to point you in the right direction and help you building your online business today. Wealthy Affiliate is the # 1 work from home business which provides you all the information and training you need to start and succeed with your online work.Take a look at what they have to offer and contact me via Wealthy Affiliate or at

  3. Thanks for stopping by again Steve and yes I have been working online five years and have gone from this being a hobby to a actual successful online career thanks to Wealthy Affiliate and I would suggest you get started today with there Free starter membership contact me at thanks very kindly,Darrell

  4. $15 seems like a really reasonable price for buying a domain. I didn’t know it was that simple. Gives me hope for actually getting something started.

  5. Thjs seems like reasonable prices. It makes me wonder why other training programs are charging so much money. You have found some reasonably priced teaching that makes this all seem more accessible to me than I thought it would be.

  6. I would like to have training in this , I am new to the internet but want to see how I can earn money. I considered having my own website but I know nothing about this. I will visit Wealthy Affiliate and take a look at what they have to offer.

  7. That’s very interesting that you bundle your domain with a website builder. I never thought of it like that. I will follow your recommendations and visit all the sites you listed. Thank You for your research.

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