Empower Network REVIEW


Empower Network Is it Legit  or a Scam?

A lot of my readers have been asking me about the Empower Network. I will explain how this network operates and help you guys save money.

What Empower Network Is:

Empower Network claims to be an organization that offers you training and blogging tools to help you through the unnecessary hassles of making it through the online marketing world.

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What sort of tools? Well if you join their network for the initial $ $25 A month,you get your own “personal” Empower  Network authority blog .

Which supposedly helps you earn high rankings in search engines,attract visitors and make money promoting EN and other affiliate type products.

The idea is that the blog does all the work in the sense that it ranks high and you just fill in the blanks,reel in the visitors and make money. This is how they sell it to you.

What sort of training?

Well you basically learn ONLY to promote EN to other people and if they sign up through you,you’ll get 100% commissions from them.

This is why you see tons of EN blogs saying how they made $10,000, $20,000 through EN and then lure you to join it in promises you too will receive it.

If this program was legitimate I wouldn’t have a problem with it,but I don’t believe it is.

Empower Network: Understanding What it Really Is:

To understand the whole scam EN is about,Im going to go through the entire list of things it consist of and why each of them is a chain of scams that you only find out about once you join (unless you read this page first).

As it will become more and more evident you will find out one very important fact about EN:

All it does is lure you into buying further offers,charges you outrageous prices for them,really only offers you training that’s basically an opportunity to promote EN to others.

However one statistic I found through EN itself is that less than 1% of all it’s members actually make a profit in this business. These are people who invest anywhere from $25 –$ 5,000+.

This means even if you are successfully referring  others into  this program,most of them will Not be able to profit and will end up losing money.

So what ends up happening is your job will be to refer people into the same problem situation you are in. I believe this is very unethical.

What really happens when you join: The initial $25 you spend will eventually lead to massive up sells that if you purchase will total over $5,000 dollars worth of what I consider worthless products that they claim you will need to make money. Let’s start from the very beginning:

1.You join the network for $25 a month either on your own,through a friend or get your own Empower Network “Authority Blog” which is connected to their “Viral Blogging System”.

First off,theEN blog you get has NO authority anymore. It once had authority,until people started spamming EN in efforts to promote it which caused places like Facebook,You Tube and Google to de-list EN blogs and even ban them.

So what authority is there? None.

Secondly the blogs you make through EN are NOT YOURS. Even if you choose to quit EN your blog will forever belong to them which means your hard work becomes their property. Nothing you do through EN’s blogging platform is ever really yours. How’s that for BS?

Thirdly, you will quickly find out that the $25 isn’t what it really cost to access EN fully and promote it. You do get 100% commission but this is  a hook to get you .

The lowest price it will cost you to promote EN will be $45. This is because you will have to pay an additional $19.99 a month to receive checks from them through their “e wallet ” service.

Additionally if you join EN through what’s known as a sponsor (basically an affiliate) you may get the short end of the stick in regards to some sponsors and groups called

prosperity teams, bullying you and trying to get you to signup to the higher level memberships.

But going back to the main point,joining the $25 membership is a nothing more than a gateway to the upsells.

You don’t get access to all of the training at EN & as you already know the “authority blog” doesn’t really have much authority.

Final Rating:   Empower Network

All programs on makingbigcashonline.com are rated on a 1-10 star scale, with 1 being the worst and 10 being the best. Empower Network gets 1 star (worst score) because it really offers  you NOTHING.

But how to promote itself which you can learn to do in other places for free. Furthermore I believe this company’s tactics are completely unethical  See my # 1 recommendation.

Final Conclusion:     Should you join Empower Network?

The only people who really make money with this program are those who possess internet marketing knowledge and an email list of people who trust them, It’s safe to say that 99% of all people who join Empower Network do not possess either of these 2 components.

Wealthy Affiliate   vs Empower Network

Is it easy to get help?                   YES                    NO

Private coaching                           YES                      NO

Step by Step Training                 YES                      NO

Web Hosting                                  YES                       NO

Affiliate Program                          YES                      NO

Recommend                                  YES                      NO

Overall  rating                               9/10                    1/10