Infinity Profit System SCAM or Not?


Name: Infinity Profit System


Price: $10 one time (admin fee) $25 per month (starter package) $100 per month (basic package)

Here we are again with another make money online “opportunity” Infinity Profit System (IPS) is being plugged relentlessly by its members They are making outrageous claims of overnight success,which I PERSONALLY do not believe in.

Can these claims be legitimate?

While I doubted it, I decided to try the program out for myself. The following Infinity Profit System Review IS the result of my findings.

I’m going to start this review off bluntly,promoting IPS is risky. The reason being,it is dangerously close to a pyramid scheme.

I’m not outright saying that IPS is a pyramid.The definition of a pyramid scheme:A program where members make money solely by recruiting more members,not selling/promoting products.

IPS actually has products to sell.IPS can not be labeled a pyramid because they are marketing actual products

However,in the world of the internet,digital info products are often created as camouflage to hide a pyramid (which essentially bypasses the law).

Any experienced internet marketer that joins IPS does so for the opportunity to enter to enter into it’s commission matrix. They do not join for the products.

The Products

Buying into this system will cost you  a $10 admin fee (which goes directly to the owners of the website) From there you have your choice of two training packages (the products).

The Starter Package will cost you $25/month It will teach you how to brand yourself (essentially turning you into one of those guru types that we all know and hate).

The Basic Package will cost you $100/month It teaches you how to build your business,automate it where possible and outsource work.

Note: I don’t recommend that complete beginners to this industry automate/outsource anything. When you are building a business,,you need to learn how it operates before you begin to hire outside help.That’s  a good way to burn a lot of capital.

In order to make commission from selling either of these packages to others,you must first subscribe to the packages yourself.

You will only be paid commission up to the level you have purchased. If you purchase the starter package,you will only collect commission on your referrals that do the same.

If one of your referred members purchase the basic package,you will not receive credit for this sale.

To make 100% commissions,promoting this program you will need to pay $125 per month (which includes both packages).

The Compensation Matrix

IPS operates on a 2 up matrix.

This means that the first two people you refer to the program,will be credited to the person in your upline (the person that introduced you to the program)

However,each person you refer (after your first two) will have to pass their first two referrals up to you.

You will collect recurring commission on each person you refer (after your first two) and on the first two people that each of your referrals generates.

While this may sound good,the truth is MLMs (Multi Level Marketing companies) that don’t offer solid products deteriorate over time.

There will come a time when the people at the bottom of this matrix will not be able to generate sales.

When this happens,they will cancel their memberships which will force their sponsors to cancel as well because they no longer have the funds for the system.


This system is intended for teams. I’m sure,if you are reading this review,you have seen the tactics of marketing teams before.

The idea is everyone makes money for their teammates( people in their downline and upline.

If you have a preexisting team,you can have each of  your subscribers pay for this offer and they will enter into your downline and make you more money.

IPS doesn’t have a support channel.

The only hope of support will come from your team.

If you want to learn how to market this program,you better hope that you have an experienced marketer in your upline.

My Verdict

Infinity Profit System is a scam. Were it not for their weak products,they would be classified as a pyramid scheme because their entire emphasis is on recruitment.

As it is illegal to knowingly promote a pyramid scheme. I have to advise against this program. IPS may not  be breaking any rules but they are barely within the law.

It’s a shame stumbling upon programs like this that are essentially just designed to make the owners more money.

Don’t make money for other people.Instead you should seek an honest education in internet marketing.

Learn to build YOUR OWN  business Don’t seek to learn how to promote ONE product.( which is what IPS would have you do) Learn how to promote in general and apply this knowledge to any niche you can think of.

My #1 work from home recommendation ( has taught me to do that,it continues to provide me with all of the knowledge I need to succeed in this industry and it allows me to network with fellow entrepreneurs.


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Any questions? Leave it in a comment below and I will get back to you!!

8 thoughts on “Infinity Profit System SCAM or Not?

  1. I’ve been thinking about joining the Infinity Profit System for a while now but have been searching the internet for more information on it. In the course of my due diligence I happened to stumble upon your page and boy am I glad I did! You’ve exposed this system for exactly what it is, a scam. It’s apparently a glorified pyramid scheme. Thank you for saving me time and money. This could’ve been disastrous!

  2. Hello Shannon thank you for your comments and its always a good feeling here to enlighten and help my readers to steer clear of the scammers and time wasters,we really get pleasure from that here at ,please stop by again because we expose new scammers daily here at,thanks kindly,Darrrell

  3. Hello Jeff thanks for stopping by here at my friend and I’m glad you feel the same way about frauds and scams,that they shouldn’t be tolerated and they should be exposed immediately.I am very serious about exposing these scammers who take advantage of the unaware consumers who don’t know their tactics,thanks for your input Jeff and if you have any questions or comments don’t hesitate to touch base with me my friend at thanks so much,Darrell

  4. Thank you for stopping by GC and I definitely agree with you as far as this website Infinity Profit System and thats why I take the time to let my readers know the real places where making cash on line is feasible,thanks for stopping by and don’t be a stranger GC,thanks,Darrell

  5. It does sound like Infinity Profit System is just barely legal. As you mentioned, because they have a product, they may not technically be a pyramid scheme (aka Ponzi Scheme). Still, as far as I can tell they aren’t really teaching people how to make money online.

    The lack of integrity is obvious in their business model, so from the start, they are setting a poor example of how to succeed online.

    Your #1 Recommended program is where I learned to make money online by building a real business based on ethics and offering value to the people who visit my site.

    THAT is a winning formula. NOT the so-called “opportunities” like infinity profit system that only blow smoke and take your money.

  6. Hi Darrell,
    Based solely on your review it is clear as day that this IPS is nothing but a scam. I don’t see any training or concepts provided in the program which would really train a person on how to successfully build an online business.

    Useful techniques on how to build a website, (a definite must to own a business) performing keyword research, the teachings of SEO and how to write relevant content were not mentioned as being taught through this system. So how in the world considering today’s competition on the Internet regarding various niches, could a person achieve success based on practically nothing being taught by IPS?

    You mentioned the definition of a pyramid scheme as being one where members recruit others but no selling or promoting of products takes place. As I also write reviews of bogus or real business opportunities, a pyramid scheme is also defined as a company’s model or structure that includes down-lines involving other members being placed beneath an individual. The individual may only have recruited 3 or 4 people on his/her own, but beneath that as the pyramid grows others are recruited in turn. Those at the bottom of the pyramid pass up whatever sales profits they make to those above them – they in turn earning nothing while the person at the top rakes in practically all of the $$. Very illegal here in the U.S. yet I know of companies that are still active who use this fraud structure as a business model.

    Excellent review Darrell and thank you for writing it. Anyone willing to throw money away in this fraud opportunity needs to have his/her head examined!

  7. Wow, Infinity Profit System sounds like a classic pyramid scheme. I had never heard of it until I came to your website and I’m glad I did. I’m always looking for new ideas on ways to make money especially doing online businesses, and I will steer very clear of this one. I’m glad there are people like you who try these things out and let the rest of us know how they are. 🙂

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