Paydays at Home REVIEW What a Mistake!


Product name:     Paydays at Home


Price:       $ 97 for 6 months

Owner:    Unknown

Overall rank:   10 out of 100

Verdict:  Not recommended

There are many  programs on the web that promise  to get you paid while staying at home and Paydays at Home is one of those programs too. I came across this program about a week ago and decided to do some research for two reasons.

First,if this program is good then I can help my readers find something that can really help them make a solid income online. Second,if it’s not a good program then I can help my readers and save them from another useless scam program.

8 minutes of research was enough for me to get an idea of what Paydays at Home is all about.The bad news is that this program unfortunately belongs to a link posting scam family.

The good news is that you’re saved from falling for this one and I’m going  to show you another program that is Free to join that doesn’t require any payment in the first 7 days.You can try it absolutely for free. Anyway for now,I’m going to look into Paydays at Home and explain what this program is about in my review. Take a look at the comparison table and feel free to join my recommended program

WEALTHY AFFILIATE    vs           Paydays at Home

Features                                                       Wealthy Affiliate                                       Paydays at Home

Is it easy to get help?                                    YES                                                                    NO

Private coaching available?                       YES                                                                     NO

Is there step-by-step training?                   YES                                                                      NO

Are free websites included?                          YES                                                                         NO

Can you try for FREE ?                                     YES                                                                        NO

Is web hosting included?                               YES                                                                          NO

Do I recommend this?                                      YES                                                                         NO

My Overall Rating?                                              9/10                                                                       3/10

PROS of Paydays at Home

Lackluster Training

Cons of Paydays at Home

The site resembles other link posting scams.

No money back guarantee.

No website and hosting included

No free trial

Website is ver suspicious.



Paydays at Home Review

When I discovered this program I thought it was something genuine that could help my readers learn how to earn an income online,it wasn’ t I was disappointed with this program.

I have five years experience in internet marketing and know how to make a buck online and it’s very easy for me to find out if the program is a real deal or waste of time. This program promotes the idea of easy money made through posting links on the internet for companies like Google, Yahoo, MSN etc.

They claim they are partnered with these big companies and that they are desperate for people like you and ready to pay you cash for simple tasks,such as posting links.

This is not true of course. Google or Yahoo don’t need any partners because they are the main providers of web traffic.

Untrustworthy  Website

Another clear signal pointing to Paydays at Home being an untrustworthy website is that their website domain is no longer working.They moved their website to another domain

You need to fill out the form on their website in order to be verified. One file asks for your phone number and to be honest. I don’t recommend giving them your phone number.

I’m pretty sure that once they’ve got your number,they will be calling you from time to time trying to promote some other useless stuff.

After filling out the form you will be redirected to another website called Online Home Cash and then again you will be redirected to


An essential part of programs like Paydays at Home is throwing a bunch of upsells on their members once they have paid for the main product and this is exactly what happens to you in the members area of Paydays at Home.

Since it’s a copy paste site of another poor product it’s no wonder at all that they try to make money off you through upsells.

Fake Testimonials

All these programs use the same trick such as fake testimonials to lure people into buying their program.

All these programs use the same faces claiming that they are making thousands of dollars online.

When it comes to Paydays at Home their testimonials really look ridiculous,not trustworthy at all.

Paydays at Home  training

On their main page they say that they will teach you both affiliate and CPA marketing which is good. Their training includes

  • Social Media
  • Article Marketing
  • Search engine optimization
  • Pay per click
  • Video marketing
  • Media buying

Most of their training to be honest won’t make you a dollar.It’s true that affiliate and CPA marketing is a proven way to make money online,but it can be worthwhile only if training is of high quality and explains everything step-by -step.

Taking into account the fact that Paydays at Home is associated with other poor programs.I really don’t think their training  can help you achieve any of your financial goals.

How much is the membership to Paydays at Home?

The price is $97 for six months which comes to $194 for one full year.In my opinion it’s not cheap at all taking into account the fact that there is no money back guarantee and there are much better programs out there.

Support at Paydays at Home

I’ve seen many programs for affiliate or CPA marketing and know from my experience that any program without active community never provides quality and timely support.

I’m pretty sure that programs like Paydays at Home don’t have community and their support is normally outsourced to a third party which means support is very weak or useless. Without quality support you will never achieve any of your dreams or financial goals online.


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