The Secret of Successful 10 Must do Things to Do After Starting Your Website


Just like these beautiful tulips(above) need nourishment;plenty of sunshine and rain to get satisfactory results.
Once you have your website up and running there are essential things you are going to have to do to make your website competitive as far as traffic and conversions. These are the 10 most important things.

1.Sign-up for Search Console( formerly,Google Webmaster Tools) is also one of the most used things for website owners.

This tool will show you your website’s performance in the Google search engines and will also give warning signs for any kind of SEO errors within your website.

Not only that,this tool will also show you how Google indexed your website.
It’s a free service from Google and you can set a webmaster account up by using your Gmail address.

2.Install Google Analytics-The Google Analytics is one of the most popular analyzing tools to analyze your website performance and it’s real time traffic behavior.

There are many other web analytic tools but Google Analytics is tops.
You can track your website performance,banner ad performances, and business conversion rate at the same

3.Set-up Your Business Emails:A business email has the same importance like your business phone.
Having a business email address not only allows your customers to contact you,it also shows that you own a serious business.

I’ve seen many people using free email service like for business purpose. But you should remember that free email service like are only for personal use not business purpose.

4.–Create Social media Profile--Today social media is a very important part of life.
Almost half of the world is accessing social media on different kinds of devices everyday. So you have to make your website available on social media sites also that you can reach the maximum number of relevant people.
Not only that social media can increase the trust level of your business to the customers.Let me help you with your social media management.

For Quality,relevant comments,content creation or social media management. Hire Darrell

5.Set-up Email Marketing campaignEmail marketing is simply a method to send your business or promotional emails to your selected group of people or customers.

To do this you need to focus on the main three important sections.

Those are an email marketing platform from where you can send multiple email at a time,list of email addresses of relevant people and a perfect business message to send.

Hire an SEO Firm– If you want to run your business long then you have to work on SEO(Search engine optimization) to get traffic from search engines like-Google,Yahoo and Bing.

It’s smart To hire an SEO firm to boost your site’s visibility in search engine’s

7.Run Online Ads-If you want some quick business conversions or want to get noticed quickly,then you need to run online ads.

There are mainly two types of online advertising campaigns available Cost Per Click and Cost per Million Impression,it depends on your budgets and demands.

8.Create Mobile App– If you want to make your website easy to access then you definitely need to create a mobile app. Because more than half of the internet users are accessing the internet through mobile devices.

9.Start Promoting Offline Not only online,you can also start promoting your website offline,also. There are many ways to promote offline,thru business cards,flyers or brochures.

10.Make a You Tube Channel: You tube has more than 1 billion users. So it’s become one of the natural ways to produce your message in front of the millions of potential customers.
Just create useful videos and upload them on You Tube.
To Read more about You Tube…..Read this Post

You Tube might not generate huge traffic you your website,but it can supply enough conversions,because video is the best way to produce your message,it’s much better than just content.

It’s also a free service,that can be used with your Google account.

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6 thoughts on “The Secret of Successful 10 Must do Things to Do After Starting Your Website

  1. Hello Jerry thanks for stopping by and I appreciate your input.Jerry Step #8 is create a mobile app for your own website so it can become mobile-friendlybecause more than half of the new internet users are using mobile devices .Jerry I hope that helps point you in the right direction and keep engaging with us here and thanks for stopping in

  2. Hello Christina,thanks for stopping by and I’m glad you enjoyed the post. Christina read the post titled “3 ways to market Your Website” and it should help point you in the right direction as far as getting started with email marketing,also check out WA ,they have tutorials about email marketing.Keep in touch and keep me informed about your progress.Take care,Darrell

  3. Hello Derek and thanks for checking in and for your valuble input,I’m glad you enjoyed the posts.Derek advertising with both Facebook and Twitter are self-explanatory ,usually they will ask how much you want to spend in a 24 hr period,give it a try and get going and keep me informed about your progress.Thanks,Darrell

  4. I’m so glad I found this easy 10 step list for getting a website rolling. I still need to work on an email marketing campaign. Do you have an article about how to do that? I am also not sure when is the best time to start working on this. Should I wait until I have a certain number of monthly visitors?

  5. Hi there,

    Number 7, is defo something I have to start doing, running some ad campaigns. However, it is rather a complex issue to get the best bang for your buck on a cost per click basis.

    Do you recommend any specific training or training resources for google Adwords, facebook or twitter paid advertising?

  6. Hi Darrell, you have a really resourceful article here. It’s a really simple and quick guide for anyone who just started on their own website, me being one of them.

    About your point 8, are you referring to mobile-friendly version of your website instead of “mobile app”? Because that point sounds weird to me.

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