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At Making big cash  online my goal is to provide you with the important information you need in order to create your website,and ideally make money from your website
There is a lot of information online about blogging and  many websites offer services and tools but I will mainly focus on a method that works for me.
 Hi there readers, Darrell here, I  want to give you a huge Welcome to Making big cash online !
Everything you find on my site will show you how to truly make money online,no scams,no hype,no sales pitches and most of all no bullshit–just the truth.
Want to make money online but don’t know where to start? Here we’ll let YOU know how you can double your fortune through easy effective ways.
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Successful blogging is about finding something to write about that you enjoy,so niche research is a very important step to take at the beginning so you have a clear understanding of your website.
If you are unsure of a niche there a couple great tools to help you.
Google Tools which help determine if something is popular or seasonal, and Google Instant helps you understand what others are looking for.

Is the next important step and you can take a lot of time with this one.

This is where you’re trying to help people find your website or an article you have written,so when they search Google,Bing or Yahoo they will find your blog at the top of the search results.


You will notice that although this website is about creating a website,you could be 4 weeks into your process before even getting started building your website.
It’s important not to skip these steps.

Once you have a solid idea about your niche and have your keywords in place you can start your website construction.

There are many approaches to this.


Building your website is a quick and easy process,but you want to make sure that it has a basic framework in place,that it is connected to analytical tools and that it will be ready for the search engines to know it exist.

There are many options for Hosting and Support.
Purchase a domain name (preferably .com) from name cheap or Godaddy and set up the name servers.
And again,welcome to Making big cash
Now that your websites constructed,you can start adding content. Content is critical, and this is where you will spend most of your time.
Since you’ve already done your niche research and have your keywords in place you should have a good idea on which articles to write.
This is really where your website comes to life.
If you engage readers with great content they will come back and read more of your content as you create it.
Social media is also a very important way to share your content and let others know it’s there. This is key to driving traffic to your site.
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Now that you have written and shared content you can begin to analyze your traffic.

You will be able to edit your content if necessary or just identify things you may not want to do next time.

Listen what my client says about our   Social Media Management service.


The last part to put in place for your website would be to add affiliate marketing,so you will have a way to earn money from your website.
The reason this is the last part is because most affiliates want to see your site,read some of your content and get an idea of the amount of traffic you have from visitors to your site.
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There are many methods you can take depending on your niche. I will continue to update you guys and add information about this and share what works and what doesn’t work.

Once you are comfortable with your first website have your content on a schedule and have good traffic you could consider another website.

A new niche may also mean new opportunities with other affiliate programs,but wait until you have enough content.


Readers  read my summary article titled  Blueprint to Success that will educate and inform  with concise and clear information,so you can skip all the headaches I got in the beginning.
Though no one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending. – Carl Bard
My Conclusion
These are the same steps I followed to create this site,so you can see these steps work.
All websites are a work in progress and this website is no exception.
If this article helped
you or you think it would help someone you know 
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This is one of the biggest ways you can help me out.Any questions,comments or suggestions touch base with me at darrell@makingbigcashonline,Thanks

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    Thanks for sharing such informative and helpful post. I just started my blog and all I’ve been writing about is advices and how tos. I believe I really need to include product reviews and start recommending products that I feel are good and that I would like people to have. Also, this type of blog in not that limited as my creativity for writing pieces of advice and how tos.

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  5. Welcomes your article about making money while at home.I have been using marketing affiliate for a period of five months now and it’s really a nice program.I am strongly supporting your ideas because i also have an experience on that affiliate marketing.Thank you for your valid information.

    All the best

  6. Alfred thanks for the comment and stopping by makingbigcashonline.com and yes Alfred ,affiliate marketing can be very lucrative if you know what you are doing and are very knowledgeable about affiliate marketing techniques.Take care and come back again,Darrell

  7. Very interesting. Affiliate marketing is one of the best business model on the industry of online business. I personally make this kind of business and is very lucrative if you now exactly what you do and put your mind focus in what you want. Good article, thanks for share. Since when are you doing this kind of business? I can see that you really like affiliate marketing, so am I.

  8. Hello Nate thanks for coming by and no you don’t need to be a scholar order to be successful online Nate but you do have to be very persistent and knowledgable in what you are doing and the best place to learn is Wealthy Affiliate.com thanks for checking in and keep at it my friend.

  9. With so many jobs becoming automated in today’s world and in the coming years, starting an online business might be one of the only ways some people will be able to make a living. Everyone is looking for some kind of advice online so referring someone to a great product is a nice way to make some money.

    You’ve laid out the steps in order to start creating a website and it looks like anyone can do it as long as they have the willpower to do so. Do you need to be a scholar in order to be successful online?

  10. Yes I would recommend hostgator that is where my hosting is and I haven’t had any problems,you can get your traffic issues done with Google Analytics,but take your time and go thru all the training at Wealthy Affiliate U and you will be fine Gloria,thanks for stopping by,Darrell

  11. Hi Darrell. This all sounds great. Do you have a recommendation for website hosting? Also I have seen where lots of them offer a free domain name. so shouldn’t I wait to get my hosing first before getting a domain name? and how do it analyze my traffic? Can you give me some suggestions?

  12. Well hello Caito thanks for stopping by makingbigcashonline.com and I’m glad you loved the article,its always a pleasure to enlighten and to inform my readers,so that they walk in the right direction for a prosperous online living and avoid the scams and pitfalls that hurt so many.

  13. Hello, there,
    Im glad I read your article “Welcome To Making Big Cash Online !!”
    It gave me some very good ideas about how to write my blog.
    Your conclusion males it very velar that I’m on the right trck, but, maybe, should take a step back and breathe a little.

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